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Thinking about how brands can make energy for climate change


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Climate change is in the process of changing our world as a dystopian nightmap. But at least we use brands, and we'll continue to have brands trying to get transactions directly with our future holidays.

On Tuesday, the Corporate Social Responses CDP released its annual A-list and organizations addressing climate change. There are some good things like Apple. Darwin Darwin uses carbon recycled plastic. One of the major problems in the climate change seen by the multinational companies on the list is a serious problem. But reports have been submitted by the companies The CDPs reveal how they plan for climate change. Responding to the survey made a lasting insight into the late-stage capitalist world. Capitalism's problem plays a major role, but companies are committed to this system, and they want us to save our misery.

Pharmaceutical Giant Mercury is a company developed for the "Tropical Diseases including Pollution Diseases". There will be a good opportunity for drivers who have a chance to "brands" such as Google Earth. We'd like to sell more and more air conditioners. Apple's overall net worth is about 9 million dollars, and Apple's overall market value is about 920 million. Following the tragedy, Wells Fargo will be there. The bank has the opportunity to provide support for "repayment efforts to repay as loans".

But the opportunities do not end there. CDP received reports of 6,800 companies. Dozens have no problem. New opportunities and climate change have been discovered in new opportunities.

Here you can find Honda:

"Honda's generators can provide consumers with free energy sources, and Carterina's disaster has generated 27 percent increase in sales, resulting in more than 200 million yuan in the August-November period.

The company invested USD 236 million for its "power product business". Generators are another important example of posting Marx.

Gas-power generators (as well as carbon emissions) are concerned. Nissan has built more than 5 cyclones or type of stripe typos in the category.

NASON's electric vehicles have a battery capacity to provide an illuminated home in Japan. In times of natural disasters or blackout, the tragedy of the trigger is urgent. EV also connects the house as it plays an important role in restoring electric power. Batteries See Home / Building Energy Supply Systems. We expect the demand for the disaster risk reduction system to increase, which gives benefits to EV ownership. "

Your electric vehicle can only be changed to generator, and if you do not have a guarantee to plug it in, it will no longer be free from power. Post Maria, it certainly did not happen. Dito for other storms and wildfires, but for a few days the stop gap will be washed for your food.

In the storms, you must refresh your wardrobe (or fully replace it). But what you should wear in a hot water, it's in trouble:

"For example, a part of our inventory will reduce the demand and reduce our sales and profit by causing hot-free hot summers in the winter or cold weather."

Now look, atmospheric disasters and shopping pressure mean you sometimes you will need a vacation. The only problem: Greenhouse gas emissions from all your airports highlight your travel plans. The rise and rising airports of the sea level will affect airports. Put in extreme rain and your flight should not land at your destination.

American Airlines has the answer:

"At the time of hatred [sic] Flood-like weather events allow customers to let consumers avoid extra expenses on their travel plans. This reduces revenue losses when customers start or end up in airports nearby. "

They will still earn your money, which will be enough for your destination for the conveniences expected. Unite also thinks about you:

"Climate change, the temperature in the areas may result in an atmospheric atmosphere, and may require consumers to spend more time in the distressed areas."

Northwest Territories, here we come!

This is not what companies say about climate change is a good thing. There are huge reports on how to reduce risk and reduce emissions. Climate change Many companies face threat to their future encounters, reducing their retail outlets, greenhouse gas controls, and reduced purchasing power. GDP – United States

As British imperialism giant Tesco pointed out, "Climate change is likely to have a negative impact on us," the climate continues to decline, although the economy is shrinking due to climate change.

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