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The High Court verdict was sentenced after a medical examination was not given to foreign workers

Singapore: A handicapped circular appeared in the court on May 27 in the professional conducting case of a medical professional in a finger at a fingertip.

In May of last year, the Doctor of the Disciplinary Committee was appointed to the Singapore Medical Council's disciplinary proceedings. Louie Cock Poke was found guilty.

In October 2011, the complaint alleges that the fraud was found in the Homemorian Organization of Migration Economics in Migration Economics (Doctor Louis).

The doctor gave a six-month suspension to provide adequate medical examination for a 32-year-old patient. An Indian citizen who worked as a veteran in a shipyard proved unequivocal in favor of light duty.

However, Dr. Louis was acquitted and sentenced to condemnation. However, the SMC has filed a 2-year suspension for appeal in this case.

Chief Justice of India, Sundaresh Menon, Judge Judith Prakash and Ti Yong Qang issued a motion on Tuesday. Louis, that SMC has failed to withdraw from the stake.

Dr. "There is no basis for judiciary even for judges that Louis has seriously neglected, canceled the sentence awarded by the SMC and changed all orders ordered by the court.

His eyes were very angry

On August 7, 2011, Dr. Louis has broken a fingerprint. Dr. Louis first appeared on his finger in the first phase of the two-stage surgery and the patient was hospitalized overnight.

Notes to Dr. Louis, West Point Hospital are left. On the next day, the patient had a medical leave a day and lightened seven days.

However, the report of the patient suffering from that night gave a painful score of nine out of 10.

The next day Dr. Doctor discharged the patient to confirm the confirmation of the doctor is another doctor. On that very day he allowed him two days of medical leave.

No light tariffs were provided. Dr. Louis had seen the patient on that day and reported that his wound was clear and that he was scheduling him for a few days later.

However, the patient went to Anthony's Singapore General Hospital. Dr. He gave medical leave for three days until Louis's next review.

While he met Dr. Louis, he refused a doctor's medical leave a week and arrived at SGH on September 7. Doctor to doctor there. He said his employer was "forced to work day by day" and would be a sign of attending.

Two days later, in the second phase of surgery on the SHG, he was admitted to the hospital before returning to India.

Dr. Representatives of Louis and SMCs will have to submit the expenditure within two weeks.

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