Wednesday , March 22 2023

Six foods that can cause diabetes


Шесть продуктов, способных спровоцировать диабетKeep their consumption at least.

Exercising is a major factor in preventing exercises and improving your health. However, the use of certain products can cause the second type of diabetes growth.

Yelena Tolokonnova, a medical doctor, said.

Wheat products

These products are very fast-burned and a blood sugar is created. Due to the use of pure flour. Nutritional dish advises to eat grain products.

The second kind of diabetes – is because
• Hormonal disorders, diseases
Exposure to chemicals or drugs;
Change the insulin receptors
Pancreas disease (tumor, pancreatitis, etc.)
Genetic Production Syndrome

White rice

Usage of this product (4-5 times a week) can cause a second type of diabetes. This product contains small fibers. Many glucose enter the bloodstream.

That is why the white rice should be changed instead of brown and red.


Daily consumption of this product may develop insulin deficiency. The risk of diabetes increases by 50%.

4. Milk

Milk and milk products are considered healthy and can cause diabetes. Because insulin can cause a lot of saturated fats.

A nutrition expert says that it is an adult milk glass.

Sugary foods

The amount of glucose in the blood that contains soft drinks, packaged fruits and alcohol can increase substantially.


However, everything depends on the quantity of usage. If you eat a lot of sweets, it can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

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