Tuesday , September 27 2022

Singapore: Enhanced Security Checks in MRT Kicks off


Singapore has begun a six-month trial of increased safety checks at selected MRT stations, which is causing inconvenience to passengers. As the commuters filed into Little India Mart station at around 10 am on Monday, some were randomly selected to pass through the goods through an X-ray scanner and walk through a metal detector.

Singapore Land and Transport Authority (LTA) has officially commenced its operation to enhance its security screening trial and some are clearly showing their dissatisfaction towards the decision. The operation will be conducted at 6 MRT stations, whose names are not disclosed yet.

When asked to provide more details of future testing and plans, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the trial will be held at up to six stations across Singapore's rail network. "These stations are chosen at random and will not be early on due to security reasons." A statement by LTA. The bag checks currently conducted at MRT stations here, will not require all commuters to go through the enhanced security screenings, the report continues.

Although the screenings, some of the checks were done within 90 seconds, and some took as little as 30 seconds commuters, the half of the population was displeased with the decision. A 46-year-old, an unemployed resident in Singapore, said: "If I have to go through this every time I take the MRT, it would be very inconvenient, especially when I am rushing."

As these checks are random, it will not hold the majority of commuters, "said the LTA's public transport security deputy director Joseph Goh. He said the security officers are trained to identify potential threats, such as bulky bags which will reduce the time after a particular period.

He further added, 'data collected from the trial will be used to improve the screening process. We require commuters understanding and support as we take measures towards keeping our public transport system safe.

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