Friday , May 20 2022

Several models of smartphones have received Xiaomi MIUI 10


Юще несколько моделей смартфонов Xiaomi получили MIUI 10The Firmware MIUI 10 Final Stable Builder is available for download and install on Xiaomi Mi 5S on your smartphone.

At the end of this year, the company Xiaomi has announced the operating system MIUI to update all its mobile devices MiUI 10, the electronic manufacturer, destroys his actions, intends to do. Today, the Chinese team's development team has come up with these firmware. Owners of branded mobile devices can already install it on their phones.

It is reported that today's firmware MIUI is in the download 10 Xiaomi MiSS download installation of your smartphone in the form of 10 stabil build, it was entered into more markets two years ago. With the latest software, its modifications and versions, the model M plus 5S has great size and difference in terms of technicians and views.

The firmware MIUI 10 combined the whole operating system with a modified interface, which is much simpler and simpler than what we used to do before. Additionally, it increases battery life and startup speed and stores the software. Also, in OS Xiaomi changed the old sounds and animations, when working with the camera the AII. The support was introduced, and so the quality of the picture was greatly improved.

The Soviet Union has made some changes to the official account of the manufacturers on the WiMO regarding the availability of new firmware for the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5S. So the Chinese version that we use software does not support Russian and Google Play services. However, this phone's phone will be available to other countries by the end of the year with new software, which within the next few weeks.

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