Wednesday , February 8 2023

Scientists have found that someone blocks the signal from space


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Fast radio space (FRB) is the deepest space from an unknown source. It was first recorded in 2007. Many dozens of times have been recorded in that period.

It is believed that the ferbonization event is the result of generating big energy. They are only a few milliseconds and hard to identify the origin of their origin.

A group of scientists from the Australian University of Painting led by Marcin Sokolowski found that Frank Barby had not seen low frequencies. Sent a patch researcher with two telescopes. MWA, and CSIRO Australian SKA Pathfinder. Dozens of signals found in Nepal's journal are found in deep space. As ASAP had discovered a new FRB at that time, the telescope was not careful.

"ASPAP these very bright occasions are when we see the MWA – no, it tells us something really unexpected or does not have a broadcast in low-frequency frequencies or the path to the ground," Sokoloski said.

Scientists have been able to follow a FRB dwarf galaxies from Earth three billion light years. It's very unusual. All other foodgrains are one-time events.

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