Friday , September 30 2022

Not kidney stones: Loboda secretly increased the lips fans


Fans are not sure that she was being honest with them.

Do not you have to do it?

Fans are closely watching the work of his idol, in fact, can become much more dangerous and meticulous any "icteric" reporter. The same situation happened with Svetlana Loboda. Fans are now questioning, whether it was surgery for removal of stones in the kidneys or by loboda – this is just a PR farce that she did to attract the attention of your prospective lover till Lindemann.

In General, in the hospital Svetlana, sure the fans went for very different reasons. First and foremost, she was interested in his own appearance, because she decided to consult a plastic surgeon about the procedure of increasing the already rather plump lips. Indeed, if you start to compare it is still relatively recent photos, it becomes clear that the "main features" in appearance Loboda became more noticeable.

Attentive fans were about to get rid of kidney stones, which was immediately after Loboda left Till Lindemann left the walls of the hospital, she immediately started as an active concert activity, although she had not only been Recently, in moderate condition, which was described in the maximum detail.

Do not you have to do it?

In fairness it should be noted that Loboda has always been able to recover for the tour, and therefore this situation could not be an exception. But the assumptions of fans certainly deserve attention, because it is supported by serious observations.

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