Tuesday , September 27 2022

Netflix needs to check cheaper plans than Asian Planners, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories


Netflix is ​​planning to bring the celebrity and television broadcasts to the market.

Though the company is committed to reducing the price, Chief Executive Officer Reid Hastings said in an interview on Friday. He did not say where and when the inspection would take place.

Netflix is ​​offering a low price offer. This will increase or increase prices in major markets, as it produces content and subscribes to attract investors in local production. Netflix decided to test the lower tier in some markets, while experimenting with cheap subscription deals at conference call rates in last month's revenue.

Netflix is ​​subject to three pricing subscriptions and does not intend to reduce its cheap tire. Instead, in the form of executive and other form of service, the fourth tier will have different features and cost.

Bait offered track shows and movies in America for Netflix streaming. Millions of people are encouraged to cancel their cable and satellite subscriptions by offering a small part of the Pay-TV price. Now the world's biggest streaming service is perceived to be very low per capita income.

ASI prices

Prices vary by a small area, and cheaper US plan is 7.99 (S $ 11). Many people in Asia including PCC WVV Viu offer free service and paid services. Usually the price of the US dollars and the monthly $ 5 a month.

"Wherever they are, they're a very premium service," said Todd Ellin, vice president of Netflix Product.

Netflix, the world's largest streaming service with 130 million subscribers, is newly created by new customers for three years ago. The company announced 17 new shows from five Asian countries at a ceremony in Singapore. Over 100 journalists have been influenced by social media in this area.

More than 100 films are being developed in India, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, and TV projects are being developed. A local headquarters is being established in Singapore. It will also be rented at Seoul, Tokyo and Mumbai.

Still, growth in this sector was slow. According to Media Partners Asia, the company has not yet received 2 million subscribers in one country. "Netflix has only 100 million customers in India," he said.

India Target

Asia's most popular video service and the world's alphabet incoming. The basis of free videos, YouTube, is widespread in the region, thanks to hundreds of customers getting access to cheap prices.

"At what point do we need to change our pricing?" Vivek Cotto, Executive Director, Media Partners Asia, a consultant says. "There is no 100 million subscribers in India with current strategy."

In India, Netflix is ​​priced at Rs 500 (Rs 9,47) per month, Rs 650 and Rs 800. Star India's Hot Star Premium Streaming Service, priced at Rs. 199 per month.

Not really serious about local contests, he does not try to look like YouTube. For example, in India, 100 million people or speakers in English earn enough money to buy a video service like a network.

Netflix is ​​also interested in boosting the price of other markets beyond the experimental price reductions. The company burned money on TV shows and television stations to expand the polls. Customers have not lost their losses in the past few years.

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