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Lex Thompson's win in the CME Group Tour Championship


Napis, Fla (AP) – Lexi Thompson was the best time of the week, Ariya Juthangan was the best season.

That Sunday did not seem to doubt.

The 270th LPGA, conquered by 18 in the 70th, under Thomson 2, conceded to 18. In the last CME Group Tournament in the season, Nelli won four strokes at Corda. Thompson had won the sixth consecutive year. This is the longest record of the LPG tour program.

"Golf is my life," Thompson said. "But for a few days, it's a sporting game because I have a lot of things in life, it's all about love for my family and my friends, and I'm grateful to have that."

Jutanagaris took two other prizes this week, winning the year for the CME Globe Award – a million bonus accompanied by a trophy for the season's scoring crown. The World No. 1 will qualify for the World Cup after World Cup. Manji Lee (69.747) with 69.415 runs in 2018.

In the 66th minute, Jutanhagna shot 66 balls.

"It's a big thing today," said Jutunagar. "I'm so proud of myself."

Jutgenoglu came to the Globe stadium on Sunday after giving three birds in the first seven holes of Brook Henderson. Jutanungana recovered the gains made by the four birds through the river in the sixth hole. When the Para-5 Fourth Party, Henderson Paris – 3, at the age of 16, was prepared for the bogey.

Thompson Korda was buried in the thirteenth pit. They joined the park with the fourth team. He made the body, made Corbella Barge, and Thomson played four games with five games.

"It was a special feature of every family and friends to win," Thomson said.

Juttanagar was up for 15 feet fill for the flat bardi, and earned the biggest prizes in the lapse that same year.

"This is because I love the honesty of my words, since 2016 I can not expect anything," Jutununjan said. "I think I will gain so much in my life, so I do not think I can do anything more than that … so this year is as incredible."

This was Thamson's 10th career. It took the lead on Friday. In the last eight games, the final was not better than the ninth. The Tubbon Golf Club has been in the Sultanate of South Dakota. In the last seven rounds, South Indian Floridian is the 31st runner to take part in the tournament.

This victory helped Thompson to reduce the pain of last year's championship. In the 72nd goal, 2-feet stand. They have won the World No. 1 and the World Player of the Year. However, Jutangaon was defeated by a shot.

There was no final-hoax at this time, and roll revolutionary was completed. Like Thomson in 2017, Juttanagar Globe and just Trophy joined. Like the Jupannagar in 2017, Thompson's victory was eventually successful.

Lydia Ko was the co-founder of Gioetnagar, Marina Alex (69) and Carlotta Cigada (70). Lt. Co for sixth ). Nasa Hakkaova stood ninth in the 9th over. Amy Olson, the first round batsman, scored 68. Kim owns Henderson and Seyang Young.

"Ten out of ten, top five, it goes anyway, offsense, I made a few dollars because I do not play till January," said Lisicom. "I feel so good about it."

By 2019 LPGa will be launched by the end of this month. The opening ceremony of the winners in Lake Buenos Aires in Florida will begin on January 17-20. Winners from the last two LPGa seasons are entitled to the field. That means 36 people will benefit from celebrity partners and amateurs.

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