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It offers new drugs due to cancer in the brain


New York, Nov 20 (ANI): Scientists have developed a novel narcotics to prevent globostroma in the global brain.

Tissues in our body are made of large amounts of fluid. It wraps the cells and is essential for normal body function. But in some cases, this fluid will do more harm than good.

This glow-containing fluid produces high stress, which can lead to fast moving and spread of cancer cells.

The AMD3100 drugs that are already used in clinic have been found to be effective in preventing essential cancerous cells.

"I hope this drug will be combined as the drugs currently used in the drug that we used to prevent flame excitement are now being treated with improved delivery," said Chase Cornelinson, a leading doctor researcher. And the Virginia Polytechnical Institute in the State University.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Journal, they explored the flow of fluid around the cells in the body in the promotion of gliomass cells.

The cerebral phenomena, the cellular waste, and the blood plasma were all spread out. In addition to the increasing occupation of globeblasom or brain tumor cells before the inner fluid flow.

Researchers at the AMD3100 drug test found that researchers found that their brain can detect the rapid motion of the fluid in the brain and promote the spread of cancer cells.

A special approach to improving cancer treatments has been tested to check the drugs of globoblasma drugs to check how the improved delivery and glomo cells help the brain overcome the brain.

& # 39; Globelmmo & # 39; It's a very complicated, decades-old therapy has not changed. One thing to be changed is that you look at the fluid nature and there is an unanswered answer, "Jennifer added Monson and assistant professor.


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