Saturday , May 21 2022

It is very dangerous for women's health


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Scientists in the UK found that red meat can cause cancer. Especially cholerae

The conclusion is based on the data received in the 17-year period. Experts managed to perform more than 32,000 women with physical indicators.

One of the factors that develop women's cancer leads to eating red meat is an analysis. Among the girls who ate the red meat, the number of cancers is 35% higher than the rest.

Of course, large quantities of red meat, they can not deny the fact that they contain nutrients and emphasis on researchers. They suggest not to give up this product. Following the recommendations of scientists is essential: the amount of flesh within a week should not exceed 3-4 standard savings.

White fish and fish preferably preferred.

Scientists are advised to treat women with red meat as a precautionary measure of women's intestinal cancer.

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