Thursday , September 29 2022

Football money is totally uncomfortable


Keynesian Mbabe of Paris St Germain's star agrees that the amount of money involved in the number of football players is "obscene".

The 19-year-old is the second most expensive player in history. 180 million euros were reported from Monaco this year when the transfer of the PLJ was fixed.

In 2017, Barcelona joined Neymar Barcelona and took European competition. More than 100 million euros. In the next 12 months, mobitis includes.

Football leaks demanded a 55-billion euro for the next five years, when MP PP was joined after the tax cut.

The teams at the top of the game say he can not be imagined as he plays Mullay.

"It's very displeasing to me that a very simple family comes from me," he told RTS.

"It's true that it's unfaithful, but it's like a market.

"You do not go to the football revolution, you know that I am on a condition and how you respect it and stay in place."

During the last three years, Mbappe compared Brazil's Greatest Pele, four of Brazil's major trophies, the French and the World Cup.

However, I'm not trying to imitate someone trying to imitate, "I do not want to be a copy of someone else, like the great, like to make your own story, do not copy someone else's.

"Although you are the humble power of everyday life, I think it's normal to have a higher selfishness."

Mbappe is important to maintain a comedic experience during childhood despite having so many years at senior level.

There is no bad time to laugh, I'm jokingly five minutes before a joke, it's not bad for a little mature, "he adds.

& # 39; Joy ​​de Vitre & # 39; s because of the football breakdown A little fun in the film is not harmful in this environment.

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