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Facebook's stance on conscious online frauds strengthens legislation: Edwin Toggle


Facebook has rejected Facebook's refusal to break the connection with Singapore. Facebook has been contacted with 1MDB inquiry that the country can not "rely on the goodness of such service provider's platforms" in order to protect against harmful activities. Ministry of Edwin Tonk on Tuesday (November 20).

He also said that this social media giant will strongly recommend the recommendation of the committee to select the legislative materials to safely protect Singapore from online scandals.

Singapore MPs get 1 MDB contracts Mr Thong said in reply to the question of Murali Pillai. "The inquiry into the Singapore deal is included in the States Times review, China Press and other online platforms.

Singapore authorities refused to withdraw their request from the Singapore authorities on request from the Singapore authorities. The allegation was linked with Prime Minister Lee Hesien Long, who is linked with the 1MDB investigation. Because it's a fake policy, it is possible to create violence and physical harm.

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When addressing this, Min Tonong said: "There are many situations that can cause serious discomfort even when there is no chance of violence or physical abuse. When members compliment it, the poisoned poison has produced a day and a day of famine."

"Despite the statements made in Singapore and elsewhere, Facebook has nothing to do, to spread falsehoods, to poison them, to threaten society, to divide communities through such lies, to promote democracy, and to profit from it a senior minister of health, Ton said.

The stadium has been posted on Facebook in a stadium deal with Malaysia in signing Singapore Banks' aid to prevent 1MDB funds from unauthorized agreements with Singapore.

On November 9, Singapore's Monetary Authority declared that the allegation was baseless and defamatory and issued a police report against it. Home Minister and Home Minister K. Karunanidhi alleged that allegations were "nonsense". Shanmugam also said.

On the same day, Infocom Media Development Authority (IMDA) has placed an order for States Times Review.

When it was rejected, Internet service providers in Singapore were banned from entering the website.

Facebook asked to withdraw from a post shared by this article, but did not want to ask a social media platform.

800,000 US dollars Url

In his parliamentary reply, Tong said that the article by the State of Review Review on November 10 shared 1,600 times on Facebook.

He pointed out that some of these shares have resulted from the efforts of a small group of users to spread the author across multiple Facebook groups. It also includes groups that do not have any associated unrelated topics.

"The shares of this small group of these seven users pointed to the fact that over 800,000 users were members of this Facebook group," said Tonge.

On November 7, "Statesman Times Review" commented on the Malaysian website The Coverage and Malaysian Chinese Language Newspaper, China Press. I watched 45,000 times a day. Two YouTube videos have been created, which translate the allegations within Mandela, he added.

"It is interesting to note that in this case, there is a fraudulent campaign followed by a pattern set up elsewhere: a lie first emerges and then the mainstream media will be handed over, which guarantees the claims." Ton.

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