Monday , June 5 2023

EVA Airliner Attenders dismissed News and Top Stories in East Asia


(ASINO) – Several female airline workers abducted a male passenger and tried to help her remove their underwear.

The incident took place between Los Angeles and Taiwan. Jeff Lin, posted on Facebook, posted on Facebook last January.

On Monday, one of the personal attendants who are queuing a press conference with the Tyoyian Football Advisors Union members.

Following the controversy of the Kuvi incident, passengers with Pottan and wheel chairpersons demanded help to get to the toilet after his right hand was wounded.

After helping him toilet, he told him to remove the internal organs. It was already pulled down by half.

He refused to accept too much, but he refused to take a reply. The advisor can only be on his request.

But this was not the end of their tragedy.

Once again, the passengers called again to them. At this time, man made another roof request – wiped his backsliding for him.

Since there was a female-male prostitute on board, male workers were not provided with assistance. The passengers could not go to the toilet alone. Without any alternatives, they are just like his request.

Kuon's chief athlete took the burden to help eliminate his successor. Yet, when people began to take a deep rope, they panicked, saying "more deep, deep and deep."

His last classmates, the last time he came to an end, stopped at the last moment.

This is the first time that the passenger has been flying in the airline.

Then, the Taiwan flight attendant's union persuaded EAA Air to respond directly to the issue. It should be ensured that the passengers who face physical challenge should be with their catheters. They also demanded that the workers be withdrawn from the needs of passengers.

Meanwhile, Air India authorities said the airport authorities are not ready to respond in this regard. The DNA said it was not satisfying passengers.

If the passenger sees his boundaries exhausted, the investigation will be done. The necessary action will be taken.

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