Thursday , June 8 2023

Bayer CEO for guaranteeing Temas as it lost at least S $ 1.5 billion in 9 months.


He reported in the Australian Financial Review (Jan Jan 21) that Jaen Drug Manufacturing Company Bayer, Verner Boomen's CEO, was last week in Singapore and Australia. With its subsidiary, Monsanto, there are many legal proceedings, but the goal is to achieve goals.

Singapore's national sovereign fund, Temasac Holdings, Singapore's biggest investor.

In April last year, shares of Beer sold 3.3 per cent. The company sold 3.3 billion euros in euro sales for 96.77 euros. Monsanto's $ 62.5 billion was utilized as part of the Bayer project. Following the current holding near Beer, Tosham was associated with a 4% transaction in Bayer. With the help of Temase in June, Beare was the largest seed and agricultural fertilizer in the world.

However, in August last year, the California court ended Monsanto, and the thugs killer "roundup" decided to create a former school groundspirator, Lee Johnson, to have cancer. Johnson's lawyers argued that Monsanto had been aware of Monsanto's risk of cancer before the early 1970s. But failing to inform the general public. Like "a deliberate attempt to distort the truth", as the thugs are making huge revenue for the killer.

The California Court has awarded $ 289 million in damages. Then reduced to $ 78 million. Bayer deny the allegation.

But more than 10,000 people have filed similar cases. Investors have now seen that they are high risk stocks that are not interested in shareholders' share in their portfolio. This is one of the hardest in the 155 years history of the Bayer last year.

After breaking the first legal system in the California court, the beer market exceeded EUR 30 billion from capitalization. So far, Bayer has cut a lot of jobs and sold the company. Announced that it will buy its own stake. But it helped to stop the free fall of the stock price without any of these steps:

The stock was trading at 65.96 Euros (22 January). In April last year, it had received a stake of 96.77 euros. This is a loss of 30.81 euros or € 31 billion in 3 billion euros. In 9 months, Temase lost 955 million euros or $ 1.5 billion.

However, BayerMan Monsanto's Bayer CEO has also raised more severe resistance to chemical glucose used in the murder. Glyfosate, which is caused by cancers among cancer patients who are suffering from Monsanto,

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