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AFC U-23 Qualifying Team: Qatar Travel to Thailand begins in Doha 2020


Kuala Lumumbur: The journey to Thailand at the AFC U23 Championship to be held in 2020 will begin in March next year. The prestigious event of competition is round the Asian continent.

The official drop-out of the qualifying round match at the Malaysian capital AFC House took place.

Qatar Group A is hosting the third place in the final of the AFC U23 Championship. They will face Oman, Nepal and Afghanistan.

West (West + South + Central) and East (East + Asan) with 24 teams are in the qualifying tournament.

The Group B is the fourth attempt to qualify for the final against Bahrain Palestine, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Iran is the host of the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran group against Iran, Turkmenistan and Yemen.

In January 2013, Saudi Arabia is expected to have better performance than the group's performance in runners. Group D will host the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Maldives.

Kuwait is among the first teams to participate in the first AFCA U 23 Championship in 2013. The opponents are Jordanian, Syria and Kyrgyz Republic.

Champions League and Uzbekistan Tuscanyistan, India and Pakistan team against Group F. Their title against Mongolia will start with resistance. Mongolia's home will be able to climb to Group G with Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Even though they do not reach the Cambodian finals, they have the Korean Republic, Australia, and Chinese Taipei.

After losing two editions, 2016 champions Japan, Timur-Leste and Macau will compete in Group Mahotsavam.

Malaysia, the group champions, decided to host the China, PO, Laos and Philippines in January in the first quarter final of their history.

The Vietnam Group, which ran the runners up in 2018, met with Taiwan, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

The winners of the 11-wicket group of the group will be in all groups and the top four teams will qualify for the final.

Thailand, hosted in the final, will qualify for finals (at top of one group, one of the best secondary teams). The second (fifth) team in the rankings. Every group will qualify for the finals instead.

The 2020 Qualifier will be held March 22-26, 2019.

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