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Where he is hiding, how can he recognize him?


Often, it is often heard that our stress is influencing our mental and mental health. In the long run that strains, it grows in some parts of the body. The wrong symptoms can be interpreted.

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Some psychological problems can often cause physical health problems. Some research suggests that you can add in some parts of the body.

Neck and shoulder

You will feel pressure and pressure on the neck and muscles in the skin area. If we are under stress, our shoulders twist, in this position we are strengthening the muscles that lead to pain in these parts of the body.


If we emphasize, we get headache and headaches often. This is the consequence of brain organs in the brain. The brain affects the brain's nerves and blood vessels.

The stomach

Our stomach has a quick response to our mental illness. Stress does not affect the functioning of the internal organs and the formation of the stomach in the stomach. Stress will start to burn more digestive systems that lead to heartburn in our stomach.

The lower part of the back

Bark is usually a headache. If we emphasize, our routine, behavior, how we walk, sleep and sit, all these changes will affect the muscles.


Did they tell you to take away your teeth? Your muscles are very stressful and stress because of this pressure, because this unpleasant activity is taking place.


Our skin becomes more sensitive when you release a lot of stress hormones due to stress, so the skin is more natural because of the source of your skin. That is why we have more acne, mites, flu or anything else.


In chronic stress, pancreas will begin to produce insulin more than it is needed, which can destroy our arteries and lead to a growing diabetes risk.

Joints, bones, muscles

Scientists point out the relation between depression and the body. If you are suspected of having physical stress due to depression, seek immediate medical advice.


Pressure from emotional wounds increases blood pressure, which adversely affects our heart. Many of your heartaches are stressful, so think about your heart.

Immune system

The immune system fight against viruses and bacteria if there are other bad people in the body. If we emphasize our body releasing chemicals, eczema reduces the immune system.

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