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What a derby with Croatia! Our handball players have not achieved a new feat, the final round decides everything!


Hungary beat Serbia’s national handball national team in the second round of the European Championship – 38:26.

The rest of less than 24 days left a mark on our selection, from the corona virus issues to Andrea Lecky’s injury early on, which failed to show the party as it did in the premiere.

After the introductory defeat according to Croatia, which surprised many of Ljubomir Obradović team, because they are inevitable to win this game, the best way to know how to punish the Hungarians, did not open the game.

Sanja Radosavlejevic


Sanja Radosavlejevic

The first goal of the match was scored by Sladjana Pop-Lazi within half a minute of the match, and from that moment on, Hungary’s rush and takeover began without losing the win until the end, when Serbia did not have the right weapons to answer. Hungary were led by the great Sholosi-Satsik, who scored six goals in the first half.

Our team managed to draw only once, but from the middle of the first half Hungary “added gas” and only the gain grew, so nine goals went into the win (20:11). Serbia’s game completely collapsed in the second half. We had hoped to repeat the second half of the match against the Netherlands, but the fatigue hurt. Selector Obradovic decided to go for all or one, with seven players on the field, and in the end it didn’t turn out to be a good move. The Hungarians were punished for even the slightest mistake in the attack, and Shatzik, after all, was an unsolvable puzzle for Serbia’s defense from the start of the match.

Now, our national team members must forget this defeat as soon as possible and return to the next match against Croatia, where Serbia will play at 6:15 pm on Tuesday.

We remind you that the top three selections from the four groups go to the second round. It will form two groups of six members, from which two new teams will advance to the semifinals after three new matches, while qualifying for the 2021 World Cup.

Serbia – Hungary 26:38

22:36 – 19-year-old Joanna Djokovic also adds shooters to the championship, followed by Lisevi and Milojevi shaking the net. Faluvegi, on the other hand, was accurate.

23:36 – Selja Nicolic scored the second goal of the game, and selector Obradovic tested the tactical solutions for the next game.

19:34 – Hafra holds two goals in a draw, giving Hungary a 15-goal lead. Nicolic then lowers, but Klober gives his team the advantage from seven meters.

17:31 – Hungary’s Blanca Bureau scores, she uses an empty net.

16:29 – Shasik scored his 10th goal tonight. In no way does our defense prevent this.

15:28 – Kovacic boosts Hungary’s advantage, and once again the goal remains empty, and we easily concede a goal again.

15:27 – Jelena Agbaba narrowed the gap by scoring the first goal, but Shaq also scored a goal in the next attack.

14:26 – This time Shack easily hit the target. We did not have enough time to return to defense.

14:24 – Loveco again, now saw the result of a game with seven attacks. Then Rousseff Savagevic shook the net.

12:24 – Lavoco finally scored the first goal for our selection below, but the answer came quickly. Shashik simply could not stop.

11:22 – Hitting the pop-LASIK post, acik scored his seventh goal on the other side. It doesn’t look great.

11:21 – Again, there was no one in our goal and the Hungarians easily scored a goal after a mistake on defense.

Half time: Serbia are not able to set up a good game in attack, and the fact that our selection can only rest 18 hours from a tiring match against world champions the Dutch clearly reflects the team’s novelty. In terms of goals, Trifunovic scored four goals, Pope-Lasick three and Radosavlevic two.

11:20 – Hafra took advantage of the fact that our goal was empty and hit from half the field.

11:19 – Luke hit from the wing and finally reached the Serbian goal.

10:17 – Victoria Luka then scored Šacl for Hungary, and Trifunovic was able to reduce the result. However, Hafra quickly “canceled” it with a goal.

9:16 – Hungary’s gains are growing, and our picks are failing to get the best defense. Acik scored her sixth goal, and then from the Luka wing exactly, the maximum “plus seven”.

8:11 – Trifunovic hits, this is her third goal from the same number of attempts.

7:11 – Trifunovic threw one, the other Šacl, and Tomori seven meters. However, Lisevic was not accurate from seven meters.

6:10 – The advantage of Hungary is growing. The first seven meters of the championship were lost to Ariel Crepe-Alasak, but the game accelerated, with Solosi Shasik leading Hungary to a “plus four”. This is the biggest achievement so far.

5: 7 – The answer of the Hungarians comes, after the mistake of our team, hit the shock. After that, they failed to throw seven meters with Radosavolejevi.

5: 5 – Radosavaljevic hits back from the left wing and brings a draw!

4: 5 – The Pop-Lasic gap narrowed, but the Hungarians scored two goals. On the other hand, Sanja Radosavlejevic gives a goal from the left, followed by Jelena Trifunovic.

1: 3 – Sasik hit twice and Kovacic hit once for a turning point for Hungary.

1: 1 – Hungary drew level and Trifunovic was awarded a two-minute penalty.

1: 0 – 27 seconds later, Sladjana Pop-Lasik completed our counter-lobby and won the election.

Before the match:

– Serbia have not beaten Hungary yet.

Kristina Lisevic made Serbia happy

The representative of our country had a message to the commentator of the famous Danish television who called for the disqualification of Serbia from the tournament.

– Dance as the crown of a great success.

The Serbian national team was an introductory victory, they knew how to celebrate, and the video produced on the field after the victory against the Netherlands was a real success.

– Andrea Leckie seriously injured.

One of our best national team players will have to take more breaks due to injury in the first game.

– Serbian team for the European Championship

Serbia made a sensation during the opening of the Continental Tournament, as they beat world champions the Netherlands despite a serious injury to Andrea Leki.

Hungary lost to Croatia in the first round at 24:22 and our national team will face off at 18.15 on Tuesday.

From each of the four groups, the three best selections go to the second round. It will form two groups of six members, from which two new teams will advance to the semifinals after three new matches, while qualifying for the 2021 World Cup.

Video: Moment of celebration as Serbian handball players discover they will still be performing at the European Championships

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