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Van Dyke spit "touched" Germany: 91st in the Netherlands and 1st place!


The German players play Netherlands with the Netherlands. It was one of the Group 4 Group A and UEFA Europa League.

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The hosts are strong inside the Werner and Saini 2: 0, but only the Netherlands and the first point in the group.

This will be the first tournament of the League of Nations tournament. After seven games, the seven points were a good mutual touch with France.

Germany did not get through the final tournament. But the game ended a new blow. Two goals were scored.

The Germans won with 75 minutes. The Dutch were only in the last 15. But the hosts did not attend all the bases in the first twenty minutes. If they were, they could easily drag the guests.

A month earlier, they could not beat the defeat 3: 0. Ginabra was replaced by the 65th minute and scored 100th in the German jersey.

His team was already in the 9th minute. Thimo Werner was recognized for thirty meters when he came from Gilboi's Virsvos or Dog. He extended another phase and shot Saliancy very hard.

Lee won in the 20th minute. After the break, the Left was crushed.

The ball hit the ball "Lala" on the way to the ball to the ball. The Germans managed to score a third goal in the 40th minute. The golf's goals ended after the Salk scored, Serg Ganibiri and Dutch goalkeeper.

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In the first half Netherlands thrashed Ryan Babel's opponent. In the second half, Manuvel Never scored the first goal. Fields away from the 55th minute, the general defense of the Nair and the hostel prevention.

In the meantime, in the 62th minute, the Vernon piston missed the goal.

In the first half of Germany, there were seven in sixth in the first round of orange jersey. But it was easy for Germans to bowl.

In the last fifteen minute, the Netherlands was attacking more aggressive acts. Deck became dangerous in the 77th minute. Opponents of the opponents shot at Namir's next corner.

Every goal in the 85th minute was Bayern's goal. After a long strike, the goal was reduced to a goal of 2: 1 with a corner shot from Ron Penalet.

Kerr was in good standing, but was a little shocked. At the last moments, the Virgin van Dyk went ahead and played "the center".

The strategy came after a Dutch man who was the head of Kim Kim, the head of the pedestrian of Van Dyke, and as a result of Pramos and a complete shock. Liverpool's resistance was in danger, the ball was caught, the ball was caught, and the grasp of the Dutch was known as Dutch 2: 2.

The final tournament will be held in Switzerland, England, Netherlands and Portugal. Portugal matches will be held between 5 and 9.

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