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The automotive automotive vehicle Mercedes-Benz is not Volvo Nissan


Tesla only tested the tests for four manufacturers of drivers. CONCLUSION: They have a future, but the driver

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The North American Auto Club Association (AAA) has conducted a reviewDo not register at the time when the driver can help keep the vehicle in the traffic lane.

As a result, the driver warns that these devices will run their own devices automatically and operate automatically. They should be prepared to constantly manage the management.

Car makers "AAA"The pilot"For these systems, drivers can say that they can control the vehicles themselves.

"This system is designed to help them, and they are not autonomous between their campaigns", Said Gray Braun, director of Car Design Monitoring AAA. "The real name, the pilot name, may be driving without help, but is not true at the current level of this system."

The results of AAA tests published this week are also available for many news related to the system that is suspected of tesla vehicles, the system called "Autopilot". The US State Security Committee (NTSB) is investigating Tesla's "Model X", including the death of a fence on the mountain fence in California.

These AAA tests show that these systems can not solve all traffic conditions, including the most common. In August, Institute of Road Safety Insurance announced the results of the tests for similar problems with the system and AAA studies.

Four breaking systems have been tested for Adaptive Currencies Control and Vehicle Assistance System for tracking traffic routes.

This year, two models – "Mercedes S Class", "Horn Horn" (American Express), "Tesla Model S" in 2017, and New Volvo XV40 since the production of 2019.

When Tesla called their system autopilts, Volvo's pilot assistants and Nisan Proportion Assist, it was a "professional help".

Drivers who say the drivers usually say that their cars are not self-controlled and that they are always alert and ready to interact, or that the driver is designed to help alone.

Nissan said that his system's name was contained in the term "help", which indicates that it was designed to help the driver.

Mercedes-Benz also said drivers are not encouraging consumers to ignore their responsibilities.

Tesla says the drivers are always reminded of the hands on the steering wheel. Tesla always makes clear that the "autopilet" car accident does not cause a disaster, "the company said in a statement.

Volvo did not respond only to pilot assistants.

They say Inspection vehicles jumped through the traffic lanes and with the arrival of the month of August, they had problems with moderate traffic, bends, and traffic jams. The front tip of the vehicle was changed to the tape and when the vehicle stopped, three tests could not be avoided three times.

Due to these failures alone, the drivers had to do something to avoid accidentsIt is not.

Tesla's operation in five breaking tests also prevented the vehicleAt the same time, the AAA report says that other vehicle manufacturers need driver assistance in a time-consuming way.

The "limitation" of this system is when a vehicle arrives and the tape changes, the owners say it is driving another vehicle without registering it and driving it up in the vehicle. The researchers said the researchers had hoped to register the system.

However, despite these shortcomings, They have a "great chance" to save life and to appease forces.

"A good driver always relies on security, systems and drivers"He said.

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