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Tears of tears blew out of failure in Prussia Politics


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November 20, 2018 14:01> 15:14 |

Soca Jankovich, the author of an analogical statement that Kosovo should be given two chairs in the United Nations. Because there are reasons why we should be sad because we failed to fulfill its duties.

Siria Jermovik's birthday was the result of the diplomatic success of our country. Marko Jürk, deputy chairman of the Serbian Progressive Party's top board, failed because the plan for self-declared Kosovo Interpol failed.

The representatives of the unilaterally declared Kosovo Freedom sponsors have never shown so much sorrow. However, Darjean says that the Serbians in Kosovo and Metohija never ever recognized their citizens.

For the past two decades, our migrant migrants in our country have been convinced that such a man was a black man for the welfare of Kosovo and MetojiJs because they did not exist for Jancovik.

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– Junkovich knows that Interpol and international police cohorts are available through UNMIK for our Southern province, and that Kosovo is the only major culprit in Metropolitan, who is required by Interpol. Hands off handed over to them but to legitimize the persecution of the remaining Serbs in the province – in a statement.

Essa Janakovich, the author of the Algeological Statement, said that Kosovo should present two chairs in the United Nations. Because it failed to fulfill its duties. Today, I think Jancovik is disappointed that Serbia's diplomatic success and our diplomatic and diplomatic success have succeeded. There will be several reasons for future future humanitarian political issues, said Vice President of the Main Board of the Serbian Programmatic Party.

Beljana Popovi IVKOVIC: It will provide Serbia and services

State Secretary Biljana Popovik Iquevok spoke after the statement by Saas Jankovich. Interpol general assembly No Accept Kosovo membership.

This is a great success in Serbia and can not reduce a single statement of this kind of content. There are people who defend their political interests above the interests of Serbia – she said Popović Ivković.

They, L.Sisi Block 381 and Free Citizen's Movement wrote on Twitter: "Do not block Kosovo even in democratization, even when it joins all international organizations".

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The "worst off" policy in official Belgrade prevented Interpol's Kosovo membership. Helping criminals stay safe. Crimes in this sector are weaker. – said Jankovich.

Civil Block 381 and Free Citizen Movement Leader, Sasa Jankovic, writes Me:

The cooperation and orders of the international police in Kosovo also apply because the SNS regime has impressed. Warrants issued are valuable, and criminals will be held freely. If their normal lives were their goal, their rule was a model, and they were contrary to the opposite.

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