Wednesday , September 28 2022

Steven Anjelkovik wants to act in the role of father: it is very important to have time to set up a family


After the wedding, Stevan Anđelković Completely replaced. He insisted that a person in his life should always be under stress, starting training in the box. He said of why he did so, but first night he went through "evil".

– The first wedding night, since they were from our Belgrade, our guests came to the door because they did not know where they were going. Do not worry. Then we put them in sleep – I slept. Anđelković Exklusive found and added:

– I have not used Burma, but I have long since. I did not believe in these stories before, but girls seem to have another approach to the Barm. They attract marriages.

The singer said that it is time to have a family.

– Sometimes a man needs to underline the line. I am quite relaxed. Some things need to be done throughout your life, for example, a man places a family – Steven said he was a father.

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