Friday , September 30 2022

"Southern News": By the end of the week, the search for radian and proletariat


The project was led by "Corridge JJ", and moved Nice team for a minute, and eventually celebrated it.

Photo: N. Negoanovich

According to the request of the UEFA UEFA Football Association, the Supleigh Director said Vladimir BulletovicThe Ethics Committee Ethics Committee is examining the 16th round of domestic competition in Radiance and Prodertard Novi Sad. The result of the inquiry will be known by the end of the week.

Even though they're in UEFA South news This institution has never commented on uncontrolled things so as not to damage the investigation process. Bulletovich The reason for suspicion is shabby.

UEFA has asked for their insight into the bookmark insight, which is the starting point for them to begin with – he says BulletovichThen he added:

They collected the documentation and they came to us today, taking a report from the delegation. Now they take up more statements. It is important to know the results of their work by the end of the week.

The second team of the Super League, which divides Belgrade rivals from the Belgrade rivals Creve Savadá and Parsisen 2: 1, was able to score goals within a minute within two minutes. In the first game, they celebrated the Nav Goalkeeper on November 9, after drawing the match goal rivals.

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