Wednesday , March 22 2023 / RS / Lid does not come into Montenegro


We are not trying to develop a montenegrin market when it is part of an effort to make more progress in Serbia, which was launched in mid-October, "the agency's agency told Lid.

There are 19 shops in Liddell in 14 cities in Serbia.

In October, the first 16 stores were opened in 12 Serbian cities. Last week, three stores were opened in Belgrade, Krusvak and Panso.

Only one of the lid brands can be purchased at these stores. Among them are the best selling lid's milk chocolate, soyindy design products, baby food lupila, cosmetics cyan and home chemistry W5.

Regarding countries in these regions, there are more than 90 stores in Croatia in the lid. The door of the first 13 consumer counters opened in 2006.

The retail chain lid is part of Schwarz Group, a Nasrussila-based headquarters in Germany.

In 1973, Ludwig opened the first lid store in Shafafah. The end of the 1980s was only 600 in West Germany.

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall slipped, Lid began to extend to the east of the country.

Lidel has now existed in 29 countries in the United States. Its network has 10.5 thousand advanced discounts, providing 260,000 jobs.

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