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See how the parents of the saint's parents! Never show them publicly! (PHOTO)



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01/23/2019. 22:21

The singer again agreed that the parents were uncomfortable.

Seka Rnanativic

Cesa Rosnetovic, Photo: Rajko Rising / Alo!

Folk singer Swatlanana Seka Rnanativic Sometimes it emphasizes that she will owe her today to her parents Mir and Slobodan Velikovic. Many people dream about a life like Sesna Ražnatovićeva Thanks to her and her father for their support, love and education.

On one occasion, Sica found that her parents had only dishonored one thing.

– The only thing that hurts me is that I have not completed college yet, remains to this day. I can understand music winnings, but they say, "yeah, but you have a brilliant diploma," "the singer agreed at one time.

Zelini's parents

Sekini's parents, photo: Screenshoot Youtube

Her parents do not appear publicly, However, in a recording from a singer and a wedding vendor You can see clearly since 1995. Read anonymous details from their marriage here.

Zelini's parents

Sekini's parents, photo: Screenshoot Youtube

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