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Red Star Cedevita ABA League 2018


After the six rounds of the ABA League, Zvezda is the lone leader of the ABA league table.

team Milan Tomić routinely defeated Croatian champions in the derby and considering the defeat of MEGA against Partizan, it remains the only unbeaten team in the regional competition.

ZVEZDA – CEDEVITA 94:79 (22:14, 28:20, 22:18, 22:27)

In the Red and White Defensive Ognjen Dobric played the best match this season and scored 17 points, and the bad news is that the match ended on the bench, because the pain of the foal muscles after a duet at the guests centered on Andriy Stepanovic. This blockhead of the "petes" Zagrepcanai warmed the atmosphere, so Judge Saša Pukl warned the masses at the expense of the basketball players in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As the series of tensions and penalties in the finals (51 throws) was unplanned and unnecessarily extended the match, it was decided before halftime.

Dobric Ognjen
Photo: MN Press

The star took the "plus 10" after five minutes of basketball, and the reaction of Cedevita, which disputed the mood Jake Pulen, forced Tomic's team to another, stronger strike. Quickly in the second quarter, Dobrić's strong reaction to the trap, Filip Čović inches away and Borisa Simanić three times out of the corner, the big 39: 21 in the 16th minute.

The red and white reservists were thus completed by the beginners launching the sword into a revised sequel in which the Star Winning had not questioned for a momentas long as Pulen (15p) and James Bel (19p) decided he would fully fight.

Every player in the Tomic team entered the shooting and the Zvezda team scored 14 trophies with 22 athletes as evidence of the team's performance. As for drivers, Dobic, Covic scored 13 points, Maik Cirbes 11, Regland and Perperogl 10 points.

Thus, Red and White won the sixth triumph and they dominated their performance and played the lead in the next round of the Olimpija in Ljubljana. On the other hand, Cedevita suffered a fourth defeat, and the question is the day when the team was radical cut-off, where there were no players today (Agilar, Benite, Madžet, Lima) who woke up to wear a team in the ABA title.

read the results of the 6th round of the ABA tournament.

STAR: Regland 10 (6 as), Radanov 4, Covic 13 (2/2 three), Perperoglu 10 (6 aces), Lazic 7, Faja 4 (7 sk), Beron 6, Dobric 17, Ristic 2, Simanic 7, Cirbes 11, Odo 3.

Cedevita: Pulen 15 (3/6 three), Kobs 6, Perkovic 8, Katic 4, Bajo 2, Zganec3, Stipanovic 12, Bosnjak 5, Kuk 1, Ramljak 4, Bel 19 (4/8 three)

Minute by minute:

the end of the match, Zvezda beat Cedevita 94: 79

40 & # 39; 94:79 Radanov also reaches the troika, which Perkovic also responds to the distance. Dusan Ristic became the 12th player this time, who entered the game tonight.

39 & # 39; 89:72 The series of free throwers in the finals, which "cut" Borisa Simanic 13. The 13th star is the night.

38 & # 39; 85:68 Stipanovic returned to the parquet floor and the same as Bosnjak, who hit the troika. Cedevita uses the Star relaxation in the attack, reducing the difference until the end.

37 & # 39; 85:62 Zrenec's Cirbeest interferes in a racket and leaves the game for the fifth personal mistake. Both teams are in the bonus.

36 & # 39; 83:62 Kobs coughed to Covic and tried to endure it and made a mistake. He regretted this decision and got a technical solution that he should have been on the bench.

36 & # 39; 81:60 After a long pause, he plays again. Perperoglu ran to the field and gained three times.

36 "Stipanovic is now a strong block Dobric was found in the chest muscles, so Zvezdin's best goal scorer left the field. He fell to the ground and could not continue. Sudjia Pukl twice warns the audience not to scramble the "p ** o ustashka" center, Lazic stands up from the bench and asks the fans to stop.

35 & # 39; 78:60 Beron makes a mistake in the attack (fourth personal defect) and has received a technical solution with the aim of eliminating the powerful block of Stipanovic. Judge Pukl did not think too long before interrupting the game.

33 & # 39; 78:58 Bel had another three times that the guests got 14 points, so Tomić reacted with the first time car. After the break, Covic used three free throws, then sent the three to make 20 distinctions.

31 & # 39; 72:55 The white 16th and 3rd trio open the last part of the match.

towards the end of the third quarter

30 & # 39; 72:52 Good defense against Perperoglu, Bel leaves the foul. The Greek "plus 20" at the end of the third stage.

28 & # 39; 69:51 James Belle and Jake Pulen are the only ones who are trying to keep the Star difference at about 20 points right now. He smoked "Pioneer" to Kobs after he stopped Faye in the ball game.

26 & # 39; 69:47 Dobric can hit the third in a row, Point 17, to Slaven Rimac's new greatest advantage and timing.

26 & # 39; 66:45 This is the best Dobrić party this season. Even with another three, with the new maximum of "21".

25 & # 39; 63:43 Dobric with his first trio raises the highest "plus 20". The audience woke up at this moment.

23 & # 39; 60:41 Pulen hits the troika, but Cirbes gets a ball and points with one hand while Regland passes through two guards in the next attack.

22 & # 39; 54:38 Stipanovic and Bel started the attacks of Cedevita, but Zvezda easily responds to these points at the points of Regland, Faye and Cirbes.

– halftime –

machine gunner

Stars: Regland 6, Čović 5, Perperoglu 4, Lazić 7, Faja 2, Beron 6, Dobrić 8, Simanić 4, Cirbes 5, Odžo 3. Teams: 11/18 two, 7/14 three, 7/12. . throwing, 21 jumps (14-7), 11 assists, 2 stolen, 4 lost balls.

CEDEVITA: Pulvo 9, Perkovic 3, Katic 1, Bajo 2, Zganes 2, Stipanovic 5, Kuk 1, Ramljak 2, Bel 9 Team: 7/20 in two, 5/12 in three, 5/8 free throws, 12 jumps ( 8-4), 6 assists, 3 stolen, 7 lost balls.

Source: YouTube / MONDO sport

20 & # 39; 50:34 Toni Perkovic shot a very hard, 3-foot, 8-meter-wide shot of Aleksey Radanov, with a siren marking the mid-term.

20 & # 39; 50:31 Regland and Perper went through, and the player in the open position hit the troika new maximum "plus 19".

19 & # 39; 45:30 Pulen reaches another three, and Milan Tomić is time-out.

17 & # 39; 45:27 Beron hits the troika with a circle and a board, and Pulen returns with the same degree. Like the results, red and white are completely controlled and jump into these moments (18:10).

17 & # 39; 42:24 James Belle, the former Darusafaka player, scores another point for three points and Bili Beron returns, though he is one meter away from the "border" of the troika. Zvezdina returned its maximum advantage is 18 points.

16 & # 39; 39:21 Simanic hits the troika from the corner of the Zvezda pad and Rimac responds with the timer. A large number of red and white results are just 16 minutes away from basketball.

15 & # 39; 35:19 Covic now sets a new "plus" value of 14 points (33:19), and this difference is "plus 16", which is the other result of the active Dobric. The momentum of red and whites in these moments and in the 11: 2 series.

14 & # 39; 30:19 Čović from the creeping shoots and kits so far the biggest "plus 13" (30:17), to which Kobs replied, using "help from Stipanovic".

13 & # 39; 28:17 Covic "tries" to Dobric and finds him in a race near the front row. The Red Bull breakthrough and the result on the board, the Slaven Rimac timekeeper.

11 & # 39; 24:17 James Belle hits the troika to "open" the second quarter and Dobric Ognjen returns to the fourth spot.

– the end of the first quarter, 22:14 –

10 & # 39; 20:11 Perperoglu points to the bottom of the first line and makes it decisively easier for him to create positions against the Oxygen than White. The Bosnians, the former Cibona wing, have entered the field and surely have enough confidence in the last week's trophy to win the Buducnost.

9 & # 39; 16: 9 Tomic changed almost the entire fifth version of which Faye remained on the pitch. Michael Odjo crossed the ball and kicked Karl Zganec's shot.

8 & # 39; 15: 9 Regland assists the Cirbe with another Zicer who strikes Pulen Dobric's irregularity.

6 & # 39; 13: 6 A bad attack on the stars, and James White because of Beron's fault. The American leaves the game and handles Dobric, who immediately steals the ball.

5 & ​​# 39; 13: 3 The first changes on both sides. Perperoglu changes Lazic and the returning Jacob Pulen replaces Ramljak. In the next attack Cirbes made a mistake and brought the first two-digit bonus.

4 & # 39; 12: 3 And Regland puts the first three, helping Cirbes into the half tribes. Stipanovic whispered the first throw. His penalties for winning the Cedevita vs Stars in Zagreb were last season's.

4 & # 39; 7: 2 Ramljak runs a ball and reaches Zagrepcane's first points. Lazic answers the first three games on the other side.

3 & # 39; 4: 0 The ball goes out, judges take the opposite decision, and Lazic raises his hand and admits he is the last to touch him.

1 & # 39; 2: 0 Branko Lazic got the first points from the penalties tonight. He was killing him.

First five:

ZVEZDA: Regland, Beron, Lazic, Faye, Cirbes
CEDEVITA: Kobs, Kuk, Bel, Ramljak Stipanovic

– For Cedevita it is not too big news that Agilara, Benité, Madžeta, Lima … Many guards came to this decision in the previous Alliance leaders and coaches.

They will be judges of the evening party Sasha Pukl (Slovenia) Milivoje Jovčić (Serbia), Matej Špendl (Slovenia).

Crvena zvezda mts (5-0) – Cedevita (2-3).

An exciting sport Saturday in the region "closes" the great derby of the ABA League – a team team targeting the throne, the title and the Euroleague this season.

The star welcomes the match with a perfect "Adriatic" scoring and a good mood after winning a convincing victory over Galatasaray. On the other hand, Cedevita started the season badly, both in the team and in the organization, brought great changes and with the victory over Buducnost he spent more time on the match than at Tofas in Eurocup last weekend.

This is shown by Slaven Rimac's decision to interrupt Toni Katic and direct the team to Belgrade directly after the game. In the meantime, Jacob Pulen, the return and last affirmation of the Greeks, joined them.

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