Friday , January 27 2023

Public discussion of the programming content of RTV


Public discussion on the content of the provincial governments' backo monastery was informing about socially vulnerable groups, children, youth, minorities and rural life.


In Budan Monastery, Kud's board of "Beache Rumunka" president Ivan Petrovic highlights the content of Roma programs in educational and cultural interventions and recalls long-term cooperation with RTV.

"From the beginning of the association we saw at the Roman television station, the first advice, and we had the first meetings that were organized by Romeo, along with Pero Nicole," said Ivan Petrović.

Manija Mirgiq pointed out that the TV programs are increasingly being pursued, and monologized in the biggest program of educational programs in education.

"I think it's interesting to have a good cooperation with RTV journalists and co-authors, or that the locals make good cooperation," he said.

At 5 pm, Dwynik praised Stephan Binyin news program from Bicko Monastery, pointing to Dwynik. Issues in the field of culture and the lives of villages are well documented in many shows, but the current problem is mentioned.

"We are facing juvenile confinement and vulnerability issues, I do not think there is adequate educational programs for my parents, first of all, I think this issue has been extremely high attention," he said.

Sankanka is a member of the RTK Programming Council from the Monochromatic Monochrome. Back in Monaco, there are many interesting instructions, tips and topics that enrich RVV program content in public debate.

"The subjects that are to be promoted through our program are not only in the villages but are good examples," Mimit emphasized.

The program council raises a report on program management after the end of the public hearings.

"They bring paper to the program on the basis of the recommendations made by the Program Council members, on the basis of what we hear in the Vojodina", said the president of RTV Program Program Maja Petrović.

It was an opportunity for editors to give special attention to some programs providing access to a more quality and content provincial public service project.

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