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New Cancer Treatments Increases Chronic Cure, Avoids Chemotherapy, and Does Not Destroy the Defense System


Scientists did not stop working for cancer drugs

Cancer cells

A new way to treat cancer is not included in chemotherapy. This means that you will not be worried about your immune system. Treatment of infected cells.

Scientists They use viruses to fight cancer They target healthy cells around the tumors and found them a way to prevent the return of the disease used at home. According to modern medical researchers, the first thing that attacked "cheated" fibroblaz cells (a linked tissue) was to prevent infection and to destroy healthy tissue.

This double attack will allow direct doctors to directly target the tumors Detect carcinogenic cells that can lead to immune system To attack a deadly infiltrator. Humans further research, but rats in man's carnivorous samples have succeeded. This is the most common tumor in the number of organs and tissues.

"Most cancer cells are damaged, protecting the remains of these bones, and recovering, restoring, and helping them," says Dr. Kerry Fisher said.

– So far, there are no way to kill cancer cells and fibrobasts, and the rest of the body's immune system is not damaged – that is, the other parts of the body are not affected by the body.

The symptoms of lung cancer should give you a photo-example: Profimedia

New experiments have been introduced for the treatment of cancer patients. This new generation approach uses the preventive mechanism as part of treatment. They are, VolIrritation can kill cancer cells, resulting in a defensive immune system.

"We hope that the clinical studies of this revised virus will begin next year and that treatment will be effective and effective in the treatment of treatment," Fischer added.

The new find is published by scientific journal, Cancer Research. The virus used is "Equonox" The healthy ones designed specifically to attack cancer cells are untouchable. Once the virus spreads out of the cell and spreads on other cancers.

However, Dr. Another feature of the virus, which allows Fisher and his colleagues, has been used Put the genes into the patient's DNA viruses cells.

Fibrobas are important tissue cells especially for cuts and care for the cell environment. Random attacks in these cells can cause significant damage to the body, and this is a major step forward in the treatment of viral infections.

Photo-imagery: Michigan Medical University of Medical Mission Information Services, Wikipedia / Independence

Genetically engineered cells will force them into cancer cells Molecular "Bispefic T-Cell Injection" (BTT) It acts as a glove of Tibio or Fibroblasmomas of the immune system called "killer cell". They detect and destroy cells that are lost. When the tumors produce BT and label it for fibbrace bags, the immune system warns that a large tumor occurs.

"We have used the virus structure, so BiTe can only produce infected cells, not in the body," said Joshua Friedman.

– BiTe molecules activate immunity inside a cell that is cancer-free and attacks the infection.

The study by Dr. Michelle Locke from the UK Cancer Research Center said: Big discovery.

– Offers results in human cells, but the action is very complex. One of the main challenges in the immune system is to see how the patient is being treated with the immune system and what the future impacts are.

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