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It protects the body, regulates body weight and strengthens the immune system


If you like it often, you have a suggestion. Instead of solid food, you have health problems for your brain and your body instead of healthy foods.

You can settle using nuts mold, e.g. Almonds, walnuts, hazelvats, pistorios, Indian cuts, or you can choose a kind.

Everything you choose will honor your body with healthy and delicious food. If you want a food that protects your heart, regulates weight, strengthens the immune system, gives your skin shiny, handsome and takes pistols!

Healthy and beautiful snack

Pistachios are very nutritious and healthy. It is important for the heart, contains vitamin A, B6, c and e. Strengthen the immune system, protect against harmful radiation, cancer prevention, and nervous system.

Types of pistachios

Pistorius benefits have long been recognized, one of the oldest nests on our planet. The old Roman rulers considered them to be a realistic one. Not only do they recommend their consumption today, but with many benefits to the human body.

Thanks to the rich nutritional components of the pet, keep your health inside and out.

In addition to the mentioned vitamins, pistorios have a rich source of digestive tract health. Pistachios are magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, manganese, potassium and copper.

Pistos help make these problems easier if you have iron deficiency or muscle damage. Pistachios help fast metabolism and heavy weight control. Pistachios are fast satisfactory for the role of fiber, protein, and fat.

But if Pistaris is less than other cake cakes, it's important that you are moderate. It is best to buy pistachios without patchies. You need more time to clean them from the shells, so you do not have to be bigger in their spending.

The benefits of the pistol

– Help with anemia

– Contribute to weight control

Keep your eyes healthy

– Lower LDL (LDL) cholesterol

– Reduces the risk of heart disease

– Prevents diabetes development

– Strengthen the immune system

– Save from skin

– Control the digestion

– Save the skin from harmful effects

– Maintain the health of the nervous system


You can add pistachios as snacks, or add curd, soup, salads, other saline and sweet dishes. You can include them in all the foods you want.

Yogurt with pustauri

Add the result of the various additives, savvy enhancers, and moisturizers. Pistorios, lindsit and chia seeds can be produced by adding healthy healthy ingredients.

Ingredients: yogurt (250 ml); Pistorios (2 tablespoons); Chili seeds (1 teaspoon); Seeding seeds (1 tbsp; Spice (optional). Add the ingredients to the mixture, stir and stay for 20 minutes. The seeds should not be too much to swallow.

This morning meal will start your digestion process and fill the body with the energy and nutrients you need.

Spinach salad

This salad can be consumed whole year, only fresh vegetables should last only during the season.

Ingredients: broccoli; Movie (50 g); Carrot parsley lemon; Olive oil (1 tbsp; Pistachios.

Cook the broccoli into pieces. Wash the infant and cook for 20 minutes. Especially protect the lbb. Put all the cooked ingredients in a large salad bowl. Wash thoroughly with your carrot. You can either make a carrot or roll it roll in the roll and crush it. For dressing, mix the parsley with lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil. Then add a pinch of Himalayan salt and pepper. You can also add other fragrances you like.

Broccoli, cinnamon, leblebium bowl, add the carrots and dressing, mix well and sprinkle with chopped pizzas. A fun and healthy salad is over.

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