Thursday , September 29 2022

Good start! Novak has been excommunicated by Ebrin and Ronald


Good start! Novak has been excommunicated by Ebrin and Ronald

During the day, Slaton Ibrahimovic He spoke to the Swedish media in his own words Novak Djokovic He made luck in the Masters Cup in London, and today he personally supported him Cristiano Ronaldo The first victory in the British capital.

Djokovic Winning the series 6: 4, 6: 3 Jon Iznera He has won the best of the semi-finals. Serba's next opponent in the group Marin ČToday is a garden that has been defeated Sueva They will contest in that contest Novak Against the old customer can of course be able to attest the placement at the knockout stage.

Novak It's much easier than you expected to deal with a widespread America's tremendous service. Novak He would regularly play in his services. In the first two competitions, he found an opportunity to serve the opponent. This is not the most common case Essenarowim Competitions. Finally, in the fifth game, Djokovic He broke down Eisenov Service crashed. In the first set, the opponents did not allow a break. He bowled his bowling and bowled the balls. But in his service he regularly gets set.

This is in the second goal Isner A good service, Novak The second ball was used to solve the winner's problem until the seventh game. Later he used the third sword ball Eisenov Service.

Djokovic Today, the best rickshaw in tennis was. Isner Ezunz was 13, and 69 percent of the first service was short. For the tennis player somewhere in the world is not enough to win or at least lose. As well Djokovic That was not the case Isner There is a chance. However, he was even more surprised Djokovic Service effect. Survey also had 70% service. The first service was 87 per cent and 85 per cent pass. Let him go Isina Are six points for your service only? No breaks were left. 21 pounded only with six unbelievable sinners. Cruel! Not very good player Iznera I could not do anything against it Djokovic Editions.

(Photo: Reuters)

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