Friday , September 30 2022

End: Olympji-Red Star 60:83 | Basketball


18:33 –
Fourth quarters

Odi last opened the fourth one. The star is dominated by the second half. More favorable games and more accurate shots gave her a great deal – 51:72.

Rambek returned the race and returned to Bereon again with a red and white match to a 20-minute match (54:74). Simmy Nick smiled and the Miskisk bad series continued. Kovik reached the third. The sunshine (54:81) gained light. Marty asked for a timetable.

They lost up to 6.75 on the line, with no homeless players and worn hoarders. Massac covered the bad series, and fell to three. At the last minute of the Olympic Games, the score was 59:83. The final was 60:83 in the final.

18:07 –
The third quarters

The second half started in Ljubljana. Jones was right after this first home attack. This star returned for two. Then we followed two minutes. There were many failures in Spain. The first three players prevented Spain. They corrected the game's shot, Red Bull Triple and Free Troting Sibs, a high gain of red and white silver (43:52).

Initially halfway on the free track line, after the fourth parpegoglu foul. There was no continuation of the sequels. I lost two seats. Beggick dropped short, but Faerieglu was recalled by Faaie (46:59). Soren Martin requested a timetable.

In this quarter, the Belgrade team is completely dominant. After the drop down trump of sibb, the drawdown squad is 18 in one minute, at the end of the quarter (46:64). In this quarter, Olympija has not yet won ten points. The red and white made a series of 9: 0, the home team was without a basket of nearly four minutes. Before Sai'a's voice, Reynolds had three of them in traffic at 49:65.

17:26 –

At the start of the second quarter, he is perfect for two young men in the Olympic qualification. After a minute and then the first point, Perpe Garg scored 25:24. The star then made a mini-series (25:29), the home team responded to the team. Beckwick team from Ljubljana, behind Dane, but Baron won the third triple title. After a one-on-one offensive, Baby scored two runs while the score was 29:32. They replied with the domestic mini-series, so Milan Tomik asked for a time limit (31:32).

There are many red and white jumps. The previous biggest gaming of the game is running for a half or two minutes of smudge. Plus six after Free Trott released by Audias (33:39). There have been many failures on both sides. Half-dozen penalties and bad shots in the series interrupted a draw with a three-shot corner (36:43). Olympiza requested a timing out.

It does not survive to the end of 20 minutes. Missaye tried three times during the final attack, but he was defamed. In the meantime, the result is 36:43.

17:02 –

For the first attack of the match they were red and white. Lazika should not be shrewd, but he is in trouble. However, he was half of the penalty line. On the other side of the ball, Radekuq Bounze and Bereon took three (0: 4). Rebecca Rodrígue (3: 6) was the top scorer for the second time in the second minute when Rebecca scored three runs. Reynolds went to Earth and added two points to the Sirs Star's account (5: 8).

At the end of the fourth minute of the game, the home bonus went out and made three foundations in just 10 seconds. Rudolov made an unexpected offense, so the lasik from the line of the free-tunes is a double flag. They did not use a chance, and after a short counter, Reynolds chastised it. He earned two runs, and half of the penalties on the bottom. After Fawka 8:12 on the last scoreboard, the hooligan suddenly approached a point.

Bereon gained a difficulty near a semi-zon, but Reynolds turned Odessa on the other side and jumped to seventh place. At first sighting OLPIJA laparon. Soon Jones added two points to the hosts (18:14). Beron returned his second triple. Reynolds was unexpected, unhappy, and finished commercial work, adding a more free trap. Faced with the opposite, immediately Faye (21:22) At the end of the first quarter, the lowest gain of Ljubljana's team (23:22). In the first 10 minutes, 17 personal errors were found.

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