Tuesday , March 28 2023

Cryptocurrencies on Wall Street make digital assets more important to investors


The growing interest of institutional investors, the acceptance of more and more companies, the payment system and the renewed belief that it can be a safe haven for capital in times of crisis have brought optimism back to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is being sold at a price very close to its all-time high these days, and all other major cryptocurrencies have recorded a rise in prices, writes Bug.Hear and Seabis.

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The announcement of the US company S&P Dow Jones Indices could give cryptocurrency investors an extra boost. They are known for their stock indices that reflect the sentiments and movements of the capital market, and will soon include those who follow the trends in the cryptocurrency market in their stock index portfolio.

The calculations will include the prices of more than 550 active cryptocurrencies, the company expects their indices to provide better data on price movements for investors, and will open up this market to many new investors interested in cryptocurrencies. According to the S&P Dow Jones Index, digital assets are becoming an integral part of investors’ assets, so independent, reliable and easy-to-understand indicators are needed.

The market data on the cryptocurrencies of the American company Luca will be used to create an index and monitor their movements. In addition to consistent and reliable data, the launch of the index should provide greater security for investors, reduce investment risks and make them equal investment assets with bonds, stocks and other securities on stock exchanges.

The first stock exchange crypto indices should have a PM next year.

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