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Bokodan, Bjelica, Oklahoma, Bobby, and Clapper's are winners from the abyss, the big party of Jokoquin (Video)


Bokodan, Bjelica, Oklahoma, Bobby, and Clapper's are winners from the abyss, the big party of Jokoquin (Video)

We are behind the fun and fun night of the NBA League of the Serbian basketball player. The most important thing is the well known roles of them. Sacramento, who defeated Australia 117: 113, won the tenth victory of the season.

Bogdan Bogdanovic During the 24-minute park in the game, he scored 16 points, five rebounds and three assists. Bjelaika took 12 points and eight balls 22 minutes.

He was most effective in the positions of the kings Badi Hills With 25 points Imaan Shampett 23. He was traditionally excited at guest lines Russell West Brook With 29 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists and three steals. Paul George He got 27 points and nine times Hamidu Dijlo 18 points.

From the beginning of the game, the Sacramento went out of the way, then to Okolomah Moss. At the start of the final stage, Kings rejected the last offense of guests, winning again in a two-digit distinction and the issue was successful.

Los Angeles and Atlanta Hawkes picked up 127 to 119 in their pitch score and went on to win for the fifth consecutive time.

Serbian Center Boban Majenovic The coach provided was used correctly. He spent 10 minutes, Serbia Gorestas scored 12 points. Milos Tadozoic The same minute did not participate in the shooter, record two times, an assistant and a robbery ball.

Clipper surfaced from center line to victories led by players – Montreck Herrell There were 25 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks Tobias Heris He has played 24 points in eight matches.

He was one of the teams he was visiting Tre Jang 25 points, 17 assists, 21 number Terrence Prince.

Unlike Sacramento from Clippers, Denver was defeated at Nagasisi 104: 98 at the host of Milwaukee Bucks. A team from Colorado has not helped yet another big party in the Serbian Center Nicole Jock.

He was the best basketball player in Denver for 20 points; He has received five types of rebounds and numerous assists. Jamal Mare Earned 17 points and gained eight rounds and nine assists Gerry Heris 14 points.

As expected, the best of the winners was Greece Janice Adelechbau With 29 points, 12 rounds, six assists, two theft. Eric Bleds 23 points, five assists and jumps.

Fortunately, he did not even make a Serbia coach Igor Kokoškov Phinas defeated Philadelphia at 119: 114.

From the start of the season, the CPA has been resolved for nine home games. He is the most deserving to win Joel ABBED 33 points and 17 points. Ben Simmons won 19 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists.

In the Phoenix team, Dewey Bucur He scored eight points with 37 points. You're George Warren Earning 21 points Dryrry Eaton 17 points and nine times.

NBA results

Charlotte – Boston 117: 112
/ Walker 43 – Irrigation 27 /

Detroit – Cleveland 113: 102
/ Diamond 23 – Sexton 18 /

Indiana – Jara 121: 94
/ Bogdanovic 21 – Rubio 28 /

Philadelphia – Phoenix 119: 114
/ MBB 33 – Booker 37 /

Atlanta – LA Clipper 119: 127
/ Yang 25 – Harlem 25 /

Memphis – Dallas 98:88
/ Collie 28 – Smith 19 /

Milwaukee – Denver 104: 98
/ Adetokunbo 29 – jockey 20 /

New Orleans – San Antonio 140: 126
/ Davis 29 – The ere jan 21 /

Sacramento – Oklahoma 117: 113
/ Hill 25 – West Brook 29 /

Photo: Reuters

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