Friday , March 24 2023

Blast Ragesh and Opp Corso collapse in Kuala Lumpur


In the attack, "cocktail"

Dusica Jakovljevic, blast, car, jeep, knife in the car, insight, forensic

Car "Ranger Rover Evok" D. C. And "Opper Corps" wife, night and Sunday at night At Katjujica, on Ignacio Gigas Street.

There was no woundFire fighters reached the site and the fire escaped. There will be around € 30,000 in damages.

The neighbors said I heard a blastForensics is investigating whether a bomb or a bomb blast is involved. The fire was parted in front of the vehicle. "Cocktail" was used in the attacks.

According to the unofficial information, Police said the DNA attacked the car So the investigation goes to that direction.


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