Tuesday , November 19 2019
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We will not admit what's happening in the town

The home ministry is not clear. Speaking to deputies, on Tuesday, 27, Tuesday, the National Budget for the Union Ministry, Ali Nogauli Endee said, Senegal warned that Senegal will not accept election secession.

"The polling stations are safe. Tabayile not happen again in the last election. We will not accept tattikkaliyumpeal tabayil of the polling stations. He also added that all the measures krtyamayirikkumennum onniccayirikkanam and socially peaceful presidential election." There is no organization of the 2019 presidential election prasnavumila La. "


This national assemblage has been made: the battle is still between the majority and the opposition

From the time that everyone has received from the publication of the list of speakers, everything started. Sheikh Abdullah Barayo, a parliamentary opposition leader, expressed strong opposition. Early debates strongly opposed. There was a struggle between the majority and the opposition.

This publication was renewed on November 27, 2018

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