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Trump General Motors is threatening to hit the wallet after a social program

The General Motors Port, a provocative diplomatic trumpet threatening the US president's announcement of the dismissal of thousands of industrial workers in politically sensitive states,

"General Motors is disappointing," the president tweeted. "US State General Motors has been protected, we have electronic cars here and we look forward to removing all subsidies including electric cars," he added.

In the statement that the world's largest automaker will preserve their reproduction in the future, "Keeping and growing American jobs." He also remembers US $ 22 billion in US funding in 2009 from the US taxpayer's fund.

"We appreciate the work of this government for improving the productivity of the US industry," adding the olive branch to the company.

The GM's announcement on Monday did not exclude the Donald Trumppook hook from thousands of workers in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland.

Millionaire made his campaign in the promise of a return to industrial employment in the US. An incredible victory is a major blow to the voter turnout in a state of devastating deindustrialization for globalization.

The Trump, which was promoting to be re-elected in 2020, will have to vote again. "I'm here to protect the American workers!" He promised on Twitter.

His spokesman, Sarah Sanders' nail bite. "The President has invested entirely on the return of industrial employment in the United States, and if he took over, we had created 400,000 new industrial jobs," she said. "Franklin, this story comes from the fact that they're building a car that they do not want to buy, and they hope that they will make changes and get those employees back," they added.

As usual, the president threatened the threat.

Thus, subsidies for all types of vehicles of this type are useful for purchase of electric cars, and tramp will be the only customer of GM.

To reduce slimming

General Motors Monday lowered the heavy burden and declared cuts of thousands of workers. In 2019, the production of 15% of the GMN group is in production at seven locations. One in Canada, four in the Americas, and two outside the North America. By the end of 2020, there could be a profit of $ 6 billion. GM did not quote from some 12,000 to 13,000 jobs-already in the US where the crisis is facing a repeat of the car.

Canada also affected this. On Tuesday, the Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tooda shared their tragedy with GMS. The Canadian Executive Office said they were concerned about the tragedy of the victims.

After a few moments, White House MM Exchange between the confirmed. Truff and Truido are both a "disappointment".

In Texas?

All electric cars, autonomous vehicles and related vehicles, along with packed vehicles, SUVs, and vehicles are also being developed.

The president and the two opposition criticisms of the Democratic Opposition, Senate leader Chuck Stammer, talked about "a punch in the stomach of the workers in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland". Points about "I" for a few hours after the president's assault.

"Most employees affected by the activities (announced on a previous day) will have the opportunity to work in other GM plants, where more workers, crossover, SUVs" said the group's press release.

Electrification of vehicles and revolution of self-governance will create jobs.

General Motors announcement is going bad. For now, the group has a strong fortune: $ 2.53 billion in the third quarter alone.

These results, published on October 31, were delighted with Wall Street. GMN also explained the average price of cars in the US. Sales in the United States declined by 11 per cent.

But the Detroit Giant's average price for cars, big cars (pick-ups, city svvs, and crovars) rose from $ 800 a year to $ 36,000 a year. On average, it costs $ 4000 more than the competition price, says GM.

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