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Tottenham is alive, Naples is doing a good job

A capital match. On Wednesday night, all eyes were in the Park Dens Princess, where the PSG had to face Leverfall on the fifth day of the Champions League. Other meetings took place at the four corners of the Old Hill. Tottenham (3rd, 4 points) in London welcomed a shock in Inter Milan (II, 7 points). The English colleagues at the club were Italian captain Barcelona. In order to achieve this goal, Harry McCain was dropped 4-5-3-1 to score a moribundo or pochetin, tripe or dumbbell. A eleven who met Hugo Lauris and Moussa Sisko in France. The Laurenio Slalty, led by the attackers, used the same system with the morro iCardi. Initially, the English left their opponents with good pressure and speedy play.

Tottenham is urgent

Hondonovich (7 th) Without a distance from the hat-trick tailrace, Lucas pointed at his speed before entering the box. Referee thought that there was no mistake (8). On 11th, Kane played smaller than many other players before serving Dillo, who was keen on shotgun football. Despite opportunities, Londoners are not dangerous. Early in the provocation by Spar's aggression, Nirazzoori and Ikardi (provocative accusation at the 28th Adderville) had made several mistakes before taking the lead. But Tottenham refused. At the age of 30, Moussaosa went to the other side of the opposite side of the Delete Alli in the Sisokoo axis. The Englishman allowed the ball to play for Lucas. But the Brazilian was thrown out of the right. Within minutes, Wux placed a powerful shot at the center of Lucas. The cross of Hatano, the 38th saved.
Solan scoring was opened in the past. The injured Nangolongon was replaced by Velloora in the 43rd ball in the box. But Spain's magnificent struggle sent back an opponent. Two scores come back to the locker room (0-0). After the collapse, inter mills were attacked. Valero helped Vicino to retract after good collective action, unable to fit his shot (48). The English Defense Traffic was affected with the help of Lukas (52), Diloy (67) and Vertownen (70). Under pressure, sports did not find fault with the well-disciplined Lamberons face playing in front of Percy's previous shots. The lorry was fired from the area by a fracture. After a few moments this match ended up being Sisko's Italian defensive before finding Erien. Dan has arranged a flat foot (1-0, 80) with Honduran. Due to the new ambush of D Amberrosio (84), the score was not removed. 1-0 win at the tournament, a return to the English international. For both teams, the last day is all (7 points each). Spurs go to Barcelona and get the International PSV.

Naples does a good job

In the same group, the PSV with the accuracy of Barcelona (1, 10) Eindhoven (4, 1 point) defeated. Ernesto vallardie suffered injuries, including Suarez, Umuti or Sergi Roberto. So Spanish technician was in the quarter-finals 4-3-3 in Quartinho-Messi-Dale. Soon, both teams took on opportunities. At the age of 16, Dezon Steggon was trapped on a post and trampled on a left-handed shot. Opposite, Coutinho (19), Vidal (35) or Messi (42) replied: At the age of 45, however, De Jogentt raised a furious head in the Sturgeon crossroads. Bergvi feels well. German coach pawn line (0-0) won. The second phase started at the same speed. However, Messi and Scoring (0-1, 61) were eliminated by many players. Pulku took a free-kick pitch in the Volvo 70 (0-2). D Jung (83) won the match but Barca won 2-1. The Catalan club (13 points) confirms the first place.
The first page was made by Group Poster, PSG and Liverpool. But Belgrade Red Star (4 points) had a different meeting with the Naples and six points, and the other meeting at the C Group of the group opposing the fans in Paris. Partying had to succeed. But they had to face a rugby Serbian team. In the first game (0-0) it took the draw. Nopoli Scoring started in the 11th minute. Following a Cornic Kick of Mertus, Hamik Leather Knight (1-0, 11,) arrived. As mentioned above, SimCentra Red Star gave a great chance to men in Carlo Anslotty in a fight against oxygen. At 34, Mertens doubled the right foot (2-0). At the age of 52 he signed a double (3-0). Napolee was not shaken by Ben Noufin's 3-1, 57th defeat to Belgrade. Italy leads in Group C

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