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There is a link to MBAE and a traveller

"Battons nous tous ensemble pour bénéfice du pays." He also said that he had been unable to pay any amount of money, and he was unable to pay his resignations, but he was unable to pay for a salary, "said at-elle exhorté, The answer to the question of the budget is the son of the ministers.

L'enveloppe alléee ce département ministériel pour gestion 2019 is estimated at 25 milliards 701 millions 135 mille 500 FCFA, contra 9 milliards 488 millions 970 mille 100 FCFA en 2018.

The conclusion is that 16 milliards are 212 millions 165 mille 400 FCFA, en valeur absolue and 170,85% valeur relative.

"Je ne suis pas en train de dire que tout can not afford to pay off, because it has been trained by the train, deputy 2012, and has been a bachelor of qualification," said Khoudia Mbaye.

There is a way to pay for the premium payments and the costs of paying off. "Nous ne dison pas que c'est suffisant, ma nous disones queil faut aller très vite. And it's a very good way to get a chance," a-t-elle indiqué.

Khoudia Mbaye says that he does not care about his love as he does not care about his clients, especially those who are interested in investors, who are "sant rassurés". "Nous comptons continuer ces efforts '', a-t-elle promis.

The promotion and promotion of guarantees of assurance are the same as the information provided by the Information and Communication Department.


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