Saturday , June 10 2023

The police have been suspended


The news spread like wildfire around the world. Eminence Salah's flight from Mondays to Nandis to Cardiff departed from 9pm on Monday. Since then, he has used the important means of trying to find him. On a day after yesterday, a number of flights, coastal boats and fishing boats crossed the Channel Islands of Alterni and Guernsey with 4000 square kilometers. The research is done in this short English island just a few kilometers from the French.

The research has not been resumed at 8.30 am after halting at 18 pm on Tuesday. "Two airplanes fly out and research in the targeted area, where the voyage is likely to be more likely to be based on fires and weather forecasts with Alderney about the coastal areas, rocks, and islands.Guinea can read information on Twitter on research in Twitter.

Option on the Gourse Police's lifeboat

At 10:30, they searched for the Guernsey Police in four possibilities: they went somewhere else, they did not yell, they got out of the water and seized through a sea. The water was damaged when the plane crashed. During the trip the travelers were falling in water. Finally, they boarded a boat and jumped into a safe haven. On the plane. This is the second option to assume right now the appropriate authorities.

Channel flyoff's chief flight research officer John Fitzgerald said that plane crashes were detected. However, the missing flight is not confirmed. "I found several residues, a rescue boat, which led to the area to check a nearby fishing boat, and I pointed out that the notes of the research director included a cushion, orange and white colored objects.He said.

For Cardiff, the aircraft was organized by Emilioan Salah. "We spoke to Player and asked us to arrange his flight, which certainly would have been a commercial flight.Cardiff president Mehmood Dalmana quoted Wells online. He refused and did his own arrangements. At this stage I do not know because I can not tell the organizers of the plane, of course it is not Cardiff City. " Guevara intervened in an update by the police at 11.30 am, unfortunately, nothing connected with the plane.

Three hours later, Guevara's government did not find anything. In the past five hours, various agencies have searched for various areas of various square areas. However, the remains of the missing plane were not recovered. Research continues. Even if you decide to continue it will be decided later. Unfortunately, Crystals On 16th May, the research has been shifted from the "rescue operation" to "recovery". To find out who the rescuer is planning to find the ruins of the aircraft and its owner, rather than the survivors

FC Nancy, for its part, had to wait long this time. Canaries have decided to open supporters (at 300, maximum) for the training session on January 16 at the janitorial sports center. Emilioano Zala can be honored and remembered. "The foundation of Club Club, John Lillier, was soon in La Buzoir, a picture of Emilioano, flowers, candles, and words, and a guest book is available on the club's web site, and if you want, express your support for Emilio Zala."

The name of the pilot named Amino Saala is now confirmed. Harbor master David Barker Goodness told the police: "I can confirm that the driver's name is David Ebbons."

At the same time, the Gonzi police decided to stop searching by the dark. In the last nine hours, an intensive investigation was carried out using aircraft and rescue boats. No missing flight found. When the light is lowered, searches will be suspended in the night. A decision on resuming or research will take you tomorrow morning. No other information today will be shared »We can read.

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