Friday , March 24 2023

The degeneration of a lazy opposition! (Mamdo Bomb River)


In the fray of the budget, it is noteworthy that the opposition is shooting everywhere in Senegal, or there is no discussion that an African country, even oil companies, could pass. Budgetary transit movement in a year before the elections. Especially when the finance minister described Amadou Ba: "This situation will be a special year for the election of our authorities in order to become 2018." The state of the dhirasvabhavam characteristics: the weight of providing relief to the families, to satisfy the needs of many of the trade union, the Family Grant Increases the number of beneficiaries, punarvalkkaranam pension, etc. In such a case, the most difficult difficulties, including students and teachers, raises the dollar price of a barrel Velippetatta reflecting factors of appreciating. Two exogenous factors that undoubtedly interrupt the most intense budget predictions.

Which African country does not know about the pressure of the budget?

There is a possibility of interrogation across the globe.

In France, "yellow colored clothes", do they not want to interact with others in expressing high living costs in French homes?

In Senegal, we paid monthly payments, and sometimes we were alongside Al Ed Hudz Jali Maybe, and sometimes Al Hudji Ndiougay Kaybe. Today, we are very far away from such budget prices, with the grace of Allah,

In short, the most impressive rating agencies have provided excellent ratings in Senegal. Their economy is the best in this sector. The opposition has intimidated us from the exploitation and irrelevance of the debate which has primitive nihilism and intellectual laziness.

The definition of the famous "opinion" of the International Human Rights Commission in the Karim Word case, the definition of the committee and its privileges, the political struggle on this subject, is a clear desire to confuse confusion and misunderstanding. "Human Rights, the International Committee of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Protection Office, monitoring agency. It is the responsibility of the optional preatteakkealukaluteyum the international covenant of civil and political patterns. Agreement providing instruction to 172 State parties, compulsory authority," that this committee to deal with W Stakannal says. It is noteworthy that Senegal does not respond at this point in 180 days (06 months). However, within six months we bring us back to May 2019. Re-elected or after the inauguration of the presidential election. Follow my eyes … This discussion is not relevant.

In the face of the "coup" that the opposition is planning to organize in parliament soon, the paradoxes will reveal the lack of maturity of opposition. Although she may cooperate with France, she does not hesitate to complain to the Embassy in France, she seeks to file a file and is once online! Is it the sole purpose of burning Senegal and the right to travel abroad, to weaken the image of his country?

If our opponents in the white cow have the nervousness of the streets of Paris, they are free to go there, but by grace they do not allow a pure patriot just to ignore them as their parent organization. Abroad. In our streets, French opponents have not seen parade in Senegal to prevent the policies defined and executed by our country's authorities.

Our opposition will help us to be more interested in the genuine concerns of the people, "depending on how much electricity should be delivered at any cost.

Mamadouba is the Bamba river

Former Minister of Religious Affairs

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