Thursday , June 8 2023

The Davos Forums of the world are highlighted


With the world's economic and financial elite in Davos, Switzerland, the rich and the best GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) but their terms.

Google's Vice President Ruth Porat was the first to speak on January 22. NGO In the Oxfam call, more taxes and multinational corporations were to be taxed within days.

Ruth Porat, the GAFA, has been working hard to find a global company for supporting the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) of the Digital Giant Tax Act. This global contract will meet the needs of those who reject the tax optimization process.

Google effectively denied unilateral proclamation by countries like France, Britain and Spain. The OECD's multi-prong approach was selected. Alain Trannoy, the director of the Ecole des Hautes Institute for Science in EHESS, "It is a scam that these companies do not pay tax on all taxes on their profit in France."

However, the OECD criticizes its slow response and a clear and effective control of the European Union. Europeans can not find a common place in the tax havens "Giants on the Web"Most of these are tax deductible designed to serve hard industry.

The NGO asks for the best income tax benefits. The advantage of the Atak of Davos forum was utilized. Even in France and the United States, the Democratic Democratic Alexandria Ococio Cortez taxed 70% of a claim back from yellow movements.

"Taxing is the best way to educate the rich in the richest"Nariman Beirash, chief economist at IHS Markets, said: "We are planning to allow qualified workers to stay away from globalization.

"The claimants should charge taxes, but do we want to discourage those who started their own business like Jeff Bezos?"Bos and Founder of Amazon became the richest person in the world. "it's complicated"He said.

For Harvard economist Kenneth Rogafin, these tax issues are an urgent necessity to face fuel discontent across the globe. "If market prices continue to be undisturbed, we can not understand how we have a stable world"He said.

According to the Oxfam estimates, the world's 3.8 billion poor people now have 26 people a lot of money. American Bose Jeff Bezos of Amazon earned $ 112 billion, Mark Zuckerberg (71 billion dollars), Larry Page (Google 48.8 billion dollars), Jack Ma (Alibaba $ 39 million).

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