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The anger of Senegal novelist Aminda São João


Senegalese writer Amitatha Sao Paul, Dakar, in October 2017.
Senegal writer Aminata Sao-Phall, Dakar, October and October. SEILLOU / AFP

Alan Mubankov thinks of it "African Novelist". In March 2016, the announcement of the love of the Congolese writer in Cologne de France delivered in the opening speech of Amitabo Soul. At the age of 77, she does not count on the footsteps she has left in the generation of African writers. "He says he loves me"She smiles like a little girl. His last book, The empire lightsThe story of three families in the neighborhood with the working class, published in 2018, whose fate has been broken down by floods.

Poverty is not a crime

The fall of Aminata Soul is a pioneer. A writer "Irreversible"Mama-Futu Nyang, a French-Francoon literary professor at the Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA says. "She is one of the few African writers who are classed in French literature and do not speak French among many American universities"She says.

In a 45-year career, this Senegalese has published dozens of novels and collections that were born in an old family of Saint Louis novophobes. African schools and subsequently became classmates learning. His non-compatibility letter suffers from the decline of Senegalese post-independence era. According to her sharp pen, the Amintato Soul was falling, which was strong The "political and economic bourgeoisie" The guilty waits for power and social climbing, awaiting the birth of the decolonization. In the same way, she gives voice to those who stay away from her development. Poverty is not a crimeShe repeated in her vast room of her son.

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Her former professor has never dreamed of a literary career. This letter is a 32-year-old state of emergency. She returned to Senegal in 1973 after seven years of studies at La Sorbonne. But the joy of coming back quickly caused nausea. "The bourgeoisie, after independence, changed our values, and the wealthy manifested their money and hated those who did not accept it.She remembers.

An uncomfortable question to give her life to the story of her mother during the delivery, to be honest and dirty. If you do not take moral values, the backer moves in to silence to safely eradicate it. He intends to be dead to save money from his own funeral collection of his family – who abandoned him because of his poverty …

A successful satire

The FIGHowever, the first successful first attempt was never published. Senegal publisher ruled him "Very local" Royalty for international markets, especially French-speaking African authors. A stranger argument rather than the amitata seo falls. "The same existential questions that people ask themselves, how can they survive, how literature answers? She can not be local!", She still continues in the palm, and a piece of her big orange goat is torn.

The book was finally published three years later. One day, he heard Goncourt jury member Radio Emmanuel Robbs, and says of her a chronicle: "This lady, we should follow her." The prophecy will prove well. Rugby strikeThe second novel published in 1979 will open the doors of literary brackets. This successful rebuttal began with a riot of daco beggars. Amianda São Tomé deny the church, the strategy, the connection between rich and poor. This time the writer begins from an internal riot and questions the human condition.

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"One day, a politician behaved the beggar as" human waste. "But they hate these rich beggars, but they give charity [obligation sociale et religieuse au Sénégal]. They are generosity, but to obey a prescription of their religion. For example, they give alms to get a job. So I asked myself: What if all the beggars refuse to accept their commitment by opposing the insolence of the rich? "

Critique of the psychological shock that causes this unexpected riot is a boon to critics. In 1979, Schottling was shortlisted for Goncort, and in 1980 received the second job at Grand Prix in Black Africa. Translated into several languages, including Mandien. It was directed by Malin film director Cheki Omar Sisoko in 2000.

They refused to call themselves a feminist

The newest rich by the ammitta solarium are the new rich. She likes the bourgeois humility she has grown up. His father was the treasurer general of the Banque di Français in Cologne, Senegal. He has stayed with his three big family in a comfortable home in St. Louis, where he married three women. Amiata is eight years old when he dies. And his mother and his first wife shall be the head of the house. "I grew up with a happy and united family, and my mother raised us up without blessing, and his moral values ​​were enough to guide us."

Elite Sunday of the country, repetitive effect with the meter in the falling work of the Amenata. The comrades of his children, the students of the prestigious Lizzy FederDie di St. Louis, are trained in French-speaking Africa executives. A "Cocoon most" There is a lot of sill fall. Under the colonial and conservative government in Senegal, she breaks some clinics. Her parents do not burden the burden of girls in her household chores. This freedom gives us valuable time to devour the activities of the Family Library.

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"No one thought I was wrong in reading it", She says. In the middle of all kinds of books, a French work attracted her more, Tristan, Jessel, Read "Fifty times" She can read the scriptures in her heart. "I was shocked by the interpretation of the story, and the filter of love which I did not think about Westerners, for me, was a Cartesian, lived in the logical world, so I had a relationship with the world."

The writer's success mingles with the rise of French writers from other African writers.One such letter, In 1981, it disappeared. But the subject matter of criticism, except for Exxinos or Polygamy, is focused on the importance of amatetes in other subjects. Even his deeds "Strong Women"She refuses to describe herself as a feminist. Instead of asking women, "I am equal to the woman," we should organize their life, teach their children and get knowledge. They have to give them ways to resist themselves. ", She says.

"The environment of the observer

How, then, can you protect yourself in a patriarchal society? "We must teach boys and grow young girls confidence"She answers. "It was not surprising if a man could do what he could do, because my family and girls were equally equated.She climbs on the camel.

The critics think that the women of Senegalese disconnected from reality. Feminists sought him. As a American professor at Yale University, a Senegalese student refused to conclude that one of his students did not protect women in his works. A misunderstanding, according to the novelist researcher Mame-Fatou Niang: We wanted to stand in front of a feminist label. Because it's a writer. However, there is an observer term in the principle of presumption of solutions. "

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Even in the silence there is no faith. Her attitude to Leopold Sedar Sengore is surprising and interesting. «In Sine Saloum [région d’origine de Senghor]People should not claim their right, because they bear it. Senarar has addressed racist philosophy, which was not racist in Africa,She defends herself. In the novel Former father of the country (1987) helped to identify some of the critics of critics in the form of a dictatorial dictatorship – the Senegal. What the novelist always denies, she jealous again and again "Do not Politics".

Value of national languages

The first Senanellese President Aminata Sao will share a taste for literature and culture. Like him, she appreciates national languages. In her Woolf she sprinkles her words Rugby strikeThis last word indicates the bowl that gives the passengers' passwords. This guidance moved her to publish her books in Senegal and stay in the country of seven children. One of them, the famous Rapper Abbas Abbas, became a lover of words. "He says that my moral education is propagating his books, which affects me a lot", This great music lover says, the rap is included.

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Duine de Debt Letters leads a discerning life in the senior Lieutenant Capital. As Ambu is protected from social order, she does not go too far. The economic zeal for those who have been repeatedly promised by the leaders, the gap between the poor and the rich has not worn out. On the contrary, it has expanded. One night, at theater, she shocked at the point of view from the audience. Men and women take tickets within half an hour. It's a wonderful way to showcase their luck. That night, her anger woke up. "What a sorrow it may have been that this amount helped many poor people"She says she is more angry when she is 77 years old.

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