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The African Bank of the Year in 2018


The Economist The 09/11/2018 – 12:34 | Share it
The African Bank of the Year Award, 2018

The African Bank of the Year award, 2018, will be awarded the African Bank of the Year award at the African Bank of Africa award on 2018 by the Leaders League Forum, a rating agency and the AIFA-Afree Investment Forum and awards. The thirty countries in Africa, Europe and Asia have the Moroccan Bank Banking Group. About 15,000 people work around the world. The 1,650 outlets work on the network. Millions of customers.

The BMIC bank is in charge of the Universal Bank. Under the African operations, more specifically under the Bank of Africa Group. The Macedonian European Subsidiaries (BMCE) in London and Madrid, a European subsidiary group known as Europe Services, is a payment institution providing for BMC International Holding, Europe, Moroccan and African diaspora; A large representation in Asia, especially the subsidiary of China, BMI Shanghai, North America, UAE and the UAE.

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