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Taou Thun-hoo, which attracts 2.11 million visitors within five months

Within the first five months of the year, the Taiwan Tui-Hii province welcomed 2.11 million tourists, one million foreigners and 14.46 percent more. Year. Tourism touched $ 1,935 billion ($ 82 million)

>> Thu Thiên-Huê Welcome to more than one million visitors in five months

The port of Langku is one of the most beautiful bikes in the world.

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South Koreans lead foreign tourists to Tuva Tiny Hue. Around 29% of the population is from France, Thailand, UK and Germany.

According to the provincial tourism department, there is a strong growth in tourism in the number of cultural and entertainment events annually.E Hua's traditional handicraft festival, lang co, the world's beautiful port, the 2019 cultural festivals and the ethnic mining of ethnic minorities in the Vietnam Laos boundary provinces.

The Provincial Peoples Committee has signed strategic co-operation agreements with Vitalev and Flick Group to implement a number of investment schemes to create attractive tourism products.

Tourism is defined as one of the most important economic zones of this year's Tao Tinui Huey. The goal is to welcome 4.5 to 4.7 million tourists. It is up 8 per cent in a year. The number of foreign tourists is between 40 and 45 years. Tourism's turnover is 4,700-4,900 billion dans.

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