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Six employees were injured in a Ryanair photo. They "spend the night" at the airport


This photo was posted on Twitter. – Twitter / @ Jimbabwe

Portugal's six air carrier gunmen shot dead Ryanair There is allegation that their fake photo was published. The company also declined their working conditions.

"Six members of Porto were expelled Monday, November 5 (…) for a" serious misunderstanding. "The Malala Crowley Hall (Southern Spain), in a statement, said in a statement," They believe that they should believe.

Months in conflict with workers in several countries were prepared by Ryanzar. In his controversial statement, his reputation contradicted the publication of this photo.

"Manifesto of Right to Oppose"

On October 14, while blocking air traffic, some 20 members from Portugal had to spend the night at Malaga Airport. At first table on the table of Ryanair, there are a few chairs under the unions, and the VIP room is usually presented to consumers. Employees lay on the ground for a photo. Published on Twitter, employees were "sleeping in a club room." This has caused the management to challenge.

"Unfortunately, all the hotels were filled in Malala," responded Peter Beelley's actions. Portugal has suffered severe damage. Later the employees also changed [de la salle d’équipage] To VIP room ".

"Malaga (…) There are big houses in all Costa del Sol, especially in the lowest season in October," the Spanish Trade Union Stage responded in a statement by AFP. President Luciano Passo of the Portuguese Union SNPACC, the issue is "an expression of the right to anger".

"A room in the room was 24 employees and some other chairs were buried because some people who were not a worker decided to publish the photo on their social networks and they were firing, according to Portuguese agent Luisa.

This dismissal was Wednesday, FT Ernesto Iglesias, Spanish Union of the United States. "We clearly condemned the strike [européenne chez Ryanair en septembre] He said he would not be allowed to cut the body.

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