Saturday , June 10 2023

She accepted the palace before Cheikh Tidiane, the invalid that Assane Dioma Ndiaye said


Yesterday, before the Republic Palace, it was empty. Ineffective as it has increased itself, causing serious injuries. The quidam who responds to Cheikh Tidiane's name has amputated the arm because he did not give Rebeuss his Mac. Since then, Assane Dioma Ndiaye is looking for compensation. This is the text you posted yesterday on your protégé.

"Sheikh, I do not … It is true that both the Judicial Agent of the State and the various Judges of the State seemed to be skeptical of the dissertation to this day, but the struggle is far from being lost. it is true that the political and religious authorities of the country were stunned or even alarmed, but it is true that it is true that the amputation of your right arm has undoubtedly intervened during a good intervention and the instructing judges finally gave you temporary leave You have always and indisputably supported to date the pain of your right arm, you have been given an injection at the Reubeus MAC hospital and which injection comes from complications that first made it necessary to transfer to Fann Hospital and then CTO , where diagnosis led to amputation constraint, to which earlier I'm sorry for your actions because you're not alone in this fight. I'm also sorry, because I can testify to the strong faith in God and the unbreakable religious belief. Finally, I'm sorry, because disgust and resignation was never seen on your face or in our expressive gestures at these times, which united our dreams with a happy ending as in the worst moments of despair very quickly exorcised and sublimated. Your cheerful smile will come back to me immediately. Allah should be back as soon as possible. Amin.

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