Thursday , June 8 2023

Shanuppa will present a show with Hanona


This is an unexpected two wheeler on the C8. The Women's Secretary for Equality between women and men will be organized on Friday, March 25 with a special C-8 program, Ciril Hanoona.

The C-8 said in a statement that Luff Parole Ox franchises, which are relevant and livable for the Balance Tone Post, are "retired, nurses, laborers, merchants, educators and farmers" to witness their daily life. "It will be a workshop in the context of the national debate," AFP confirmed with a spokeswoman.

"A citizen's exchange"

This is not a "political debate" but "the transfer of the citizen with certain instructions", according to C8. "Together, we will try to solve their problems," says the channel. "A live vote is given to viewers to accept seven ideas that are handed over to the government."

The world was launched on January 15 by President Emanuel MacRonn to respond to the crisis in yellow. Large national debates are provided for various meetings between elected officials and citizens. During the next two months, it will talk about four important issues: purchasing power, tax, democracy and environment.

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