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SEZAR 2019: Nominee … – 23/01/2019


SEBI's nomination papers in 2019 celebrated Wednesday morning. The award ceremony will be held on February 22. Franco-British actress Kristin Scott Thomas will be presiding.

Actors, Directors and Films: We know the names of the 40th Festival of Caesar, which will be held on February 22 at the Salle Plain in Paris and will broadcast it clearly at "Canal +". Franco-British actress Kristin Scott Thomas will be hosting the funeral at the 2019 kiss on the occasion of the Comedian and Cadedian Cad Merad.

American actor Robert Redford, 83, will receive a full-time salaf award for his entire career.

List of nominees of cosers 2019

  • Best Film: The Way, Freem, The Sisters, The Big Bath, Guy, at the Gard, Student.
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Elodie Bochis, Sekele de France, Layne Dracher, Vinci Efeera, Adele Henel, Sanrine Kearlain, Melian Theory.
  • Best Actor: Reman Drews, Vincent Lacoste, Dennis Menachet, Edward Bair, Gilles Lellose, Alex Lutz, Pio Marmaye Dennis Menacher.
  • Best achievement: Pain, in freedom, sister's brothers, great bath, gai, guard, disciple.
  • Best Film: Lazy love, shook, guard, wild, Shershade.
  • Best Actress in a Best Actress: Isabelle Adjani, Leela Becky, Virsy Ephira, Audrey Toothu, Carinvard.
  • Best Actor in a Good Actor: Jean-Hughes Anglade, Damien Bonard, Clovis Cornelli, Philip Kettle, Denis Poddadeedes.
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