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Renault: Winner of the Bosor Senard Tournament


A board of directors Renault Tieri Bolore and Jean-Dominic Senard replaced on Thursday Carlos Gossan On the head of French car makers, we learned from Tuesday's case sources.

Asked by AFP, Ranaul confirmed on Thursday. But I did not want to comment on the successor.

However, the executive branch of Ghoshen's CEO, who was jailed in Japan since November 19, will be divided into two functions. On one side there is an executive branch, the president of the council.

According to this source, Mr. Boller, director general of the deputy, and diplomat of Carlos Gosne, should be Director General of the Department, the current director of the Michelle Gene Dominic, the Senate Renolet Board.

Billor Senarard's representation came before the Board of Directors' decision. The meeting decided to start Thursday at 10 am.

In May, Senate was a supporter of Michelle, who was in favor of the French. Renault's biggest shareholder, Ronald Capital is 15% head and 22% of voting right.

Carlos Gosnan, who was acquitted in Japan, has been granted bail on Tuesday. He will be tried till March 10. Extend every month. According to his lawyer, the jail will remain there for months for the trial.

A joint press conference was held at Bruno on Friday at the "coming days" organized by the Renault Board on the successor to Carlos Gosn.

If innocent, Khos he would have to stop him, but many times he has explained it. (AFP / Oxford)

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