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PSG – PSG: Big Twitter and Tusheal Akosta Mendes reject


PSG: Turning back to the dramas, Tusheal Agosta and Mendes reject it

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The incredible end of the St.George's mercathile was able to leave the call in order to strengthen the attack in the last minute.

On Thursday, the leaders of Paris Luciano Acosta and Thiago Mendes were in the forefront, but midfielder DC United had almost 10 meter to take on the challenge. The player crosses the Atlantic, according to it The 10 sportsThat's not the case. Of course, Niemer wanted to play a player in the absence of long, but Lillon Theigo Mendes was appointed to recruit Thomas Treasure Argentina.

The profile of the recruits of German coach is not satisfactory and Adrian Reubiott will withdraw from his group instead of bringing a player to default. A message that interrupts one or two transmissions at these last moments, a dispute between Anthropocorum and Thomas Thushal in Perier News, at the end of the transfer window. If this is confirmed, it will not enjoy the mouth of Parisian fans, thinking that they will be able to give strength to their club on this last day.

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